It’s hard to decide which apps to download and which to ignore with the mass of smart phone, android, tablet, iPad, you name it floating around everywhere, but we just recently heard about the smart phone app., “shopkick” and jumped for joy. If you love shopping, this is for you. If you do not love shopping but are always the one to accompany your shopaholic significant other, this can be for you too.

screen shot 2011 12 02 at december 2 3 49 24 pm Get Shopping Rewards For Watching TV

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“Shopkick” believes that shopping in the real world can be a better experience by rewarding you for visiting stores, instead of only being rewarded when you buy something. And now, CW44 viewers will be able to earn special discounts and rewards by opening the Shopkick app during CW shows, reminded by on-screen notices. The Shopkick app will automatically recognize commercials and will credit users with deals and rewards.

We were hooked after hearing we could be rewarded by walking into stores and watching TV!

The more kicks you get, the more rewards! Tap the treasure chest icon to redeem your kicks for gift cards, movie tickets, restaurant deals, and more. So now when you’re shopping for someone else, you can get something, too!

Get started by downloading Shopkick now, and keep checking back—they add even more gift ideas and deals throughout the month of December!


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