CLERMONT, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A Florida inmate is suing the state’s prison system for pulling the pork from his meals.

Eric Harris, a 32-year-old convicted pedophile who is serving a life sentence, suggests Lake Correctional Institution’s policy of serving a vegan diet is seriously affecting the quality of his life sentence.

The Weston A. Price Foundation, a special interest group against soy products, will pick up the case’s legal expenses, and announced it has class-action ambitions including other prisoners, prison guards and taxpayers.

The foundation began receiving complaints from Florida prisoners in 2009, when cooks replaced 60-70 percent of meat in meals with soy substitutes. They claimed to suffer from a myriad of health problems, including chronic constipation followed with debilitating diarrhea and vomiting, passing out, heart palpitations, and rashes.

Harris said it’s cruel and unusual punishment.

Joellen Rackleff, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman, said meals are half soy and half poultry. Serving all meat means the $47 million food budget would double.

Currently, Florida feeds inmates three meals per day for $1.70 per inmate. Rackleff said the department should be mindful of taxpayers who pick up prisoners’ bills when making their meals and offers alternatives to soy.

U.S. courts have said in the past that prisons have to serve nutritious meals, not pretty ones or those that comply with a prisoner’s idea of home cooking.

Rackleff said meals meet those standards and comply with federal nutrition guidelines.

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  1. Dave Turner says:

    You’re not happy with your prison meals and I should care why? Were you expecting to be incarcerated at the Ritz or something?

    1. James says:


    2. Judgemental A-hole says:

      The pedo most likely wants those beans with tiny weenies in them! Get it? Tiny weenies?

      1. RJ OGuillory says:

        Mr. A-Hole,….

        …you fail to understand that the manner in which we treat our “prisoners” is actually of reflection of ourselves and our society!

        ….Most “prisoners” in the US prisons are not pedophiles, but are most likely non-violent (drug/Gambling), victim-less criminals caught up in “the system”.

        ..even if the man is a pedophile, he deserves appropriate legal treatment and to be “imprisoned” in a manner that reflects our society’s humane qualities.

        …do you all really want to be the guests someday of a “soviet-style-prison camp”,..or do you want a brother, cousin, parent or child sent there?…

        …they deserve decent treatment,… or we as a country are as F-O-S as I thought,..


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves

      2. Mikey A says:

        Funny comment, man, I think the guy above me takes himself a little too seriously.

      3. AJM2000 says:

        A-hole.. I appreciate your joke. I’m currently laughing at it and showing your comment to others. Thank you, and I’m more than happy to give the correct response to a joke, not some diatribe completely unrelated to your comment.

    3. Mike Notsaying says:

      gmo death camps

      1. crosswind says:

        SOY = Toxic, Immune & Health suppression and most of the country eats soy based by-products these days including soy milk, soy protein isolate etc.. AVOID SOY. The research is there.

    4. Chris Romero says:

      The justice system need tort reform immediately; Inmates sue you for feeding them a healthy soy based meal. Then they sue you if you give them real meat because then they get high blood pressure. All you ever hear is the poor inmates….. What about the poor victims in their crimes?

  2. Carlo B. says:

    I in no way support criminals having their prison lives improved, I don’t care if prisoners are getting in fights and beating each other up and getting injured. You can feed them bread water and a multivitamin for all I care if that’s cheaper, but you CANNOT be giving them SOY. Soy is like injecting yourself with estrogen, this will affect them after leaving prison guaranteed, especially if they are eating it on a daily basis. It is like slowly feminizing your body. That being said, may the rest of their sentences be hell on Earth, but no forced soy on men.

    1. jay says:

      wouldn’t that cut down on the violence?

      1. Congress Works For Us says:

        You have never met my wife… 🙂

      2. Srikokila says:

        sexonfire Posted on Dont dispute butaeyLooks and lies dont mixYou are styles away from where you need to beBe beautiful, believable and a new beginning

    2. Carnivore with a Brain says:

      you’re very, very wrong. just ask vegan and vegetarian MMA fighters Jon Fitch and Jake Shields about your so-called hypothesis. they’ll cave your skull in.

      1. ROBBOB says:

        I know vegans that aviod soy like the plague

      2. Steve Johnson says:

        and of course those MMA fighters don’t take any supplements whatsoever……

    3. tommy says:


      1. tommy says:

        It causes kidney stones & higher estrogen levels.

      2. monica says:

        so is meat!

      3. Mike Notsaying says:

        gm o d eath c amps

      4. legal texan says:

        Just send moooshell in there to slap the over eaters around!

    4. SueB says:

      You are absolutely right. Many people are allergic to soy, and even more people are sensitive to it but don’t know it. Besides, most of the soy grown in this country is genetically modified, and might as well be poison.

      1. You're kidding right? says:

        Most tax paying citizens are allergic to prison too. If you’re allergic to soy, might I suggest that you refrain from molesting children?

      2. Robert Korn says:

        SueB, you’re full of it. There is no science to support the Gm products are unhealthy. As a matter of fact GM products allow farmers to use less harmful pesticides and herbicides which make them safer as well as protect out drnking water.

      3. Matthew John Townend says:

        Just type “Argentina GM Woe” to see the effects of Roundup ready GM Soya.

      4. monica says:

        That’s funny because most of the animals that go to slaughter to provide the meat we eat have hormones and are genetically modified and might as well be poisoned. Along with that, there have been studies to show that dairy and meat proteins can kickstart the cancer gene. A vegan diet, with a soy base, is better for you than a meat based diet.

      5. Jim in Houston says:

        Most of us are allergic to pedophiles. He could have been hanged, which to my way of thinking is a much better option.

      6. monica says:

        people are allergic to nuts, chocolate, cheese, etc etc, should we just rid the planet of these things because of it? give me a break. If he’s not swelling up because of it, then he needs to tough it out. He might simply be having gastro issues because his stomach is having to adjust to the change in diet from a very FATTY diet to a more lean diet.

      7. Lola says:

        Robert Korn-
        YOU sir, are full of it. There is a HUGE body of evidence that shows GM products can shrink the brain within two weeks and can cause kidney failure.

        Not that I care what the prisoners get, but I do not like people spouting baseless information.

      8. marty says:

        Well then, let’s give him bread and water…no soy in that.

    5. keith wren says:

      irrelevant! this dude is a pervert serving a life sentence!

    6. stormy says:

      he’s a pedophile – give him only soy .

      1. Steve Johnson says:

        It’s not just this guy who’s being force fed soy every day. You think he’s alone in that facility? Give your head a shake, he’s simply the one who’s filing the lawsuit. I have no regard whatsoever for a kiddie raper, but the poor guy who cheated on his taxes because his family was eating dog food and got caught is also being experimented on by the corrections department. It’s wrong.

    7. Cancer Warrior says:

      Having had hormone receptive breast cancer (the cancer feeds on estrogen), I don’t touch the stuff either. So why not cancel it for ALL people, not just men.

      1. monica says:

        studies have found that it is meat, and the hormones injected into the animals that jumpstarts our cancer genes, not soy.

      2. Asher says:


        People not wanting to eat soy is not some secret attack on vegetarians. Informed people are aware of the dangers of soy AND meat that has been raised cruelly and injected with everything bad known to mankind. I rarely eat meat, but do choose local and organic products if I do. Soy affects me terribly and I cannot eat it.

      3. monica says:

        Thats funny you call yourself informed and me not. You simply are afraid and because soy affects you, you have decided that it affects everyone and is the reason you had cancer. Laughable.

    8. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

      Aha! Liberal men eat soy all the time. That’s it!

    9. CommunistManifesto says:

      He is not leaving, he has a life sentance

    10. Carlo B. Wrong says:

      But what about all those innocent people that fill the jails?

  3. puppy luv says:

    So it’s a quality of life (sentence) issue? That’s choice.

  4. Mark says:

    I agree with Carlo. A heavy SOY diet is experimental and not healthy. We in the USA used to have higher princaples than the rest of the world and don’t torture our own population with a bad diet. Not everyone in prison is there for violent crime. Many are there for questionable reasons such as probation violation and drug offences. Unfortunately with budgets strapped, few people are going to stand up for prisoner rights, but I feel they are human beings and still have basic rights.

    1. boozy says:

      Ok, does not want the food…no problem, hook him up to the IV’s and end this creeps life…no problem, no food problems, no suckin up taxpayer dollars…etc….mmmm mmmm goood….smoke em

    2. Carnivore with a Brain says:

      those who committed the “lesser” crimes won;t be there long enough for it to matter. and what do you mean by your idiotic statement about non-violent criminals? bernie madoff was a non-violent criminal, but he should be in prison for life…eating SOY instead of fliet mignon.

      if you commit a crime, you deserve PUNISHMENT…idiot.

      1. Carnivore with a Brain says:


      2. Mark says:

        Bernie madoff should get 3 squares a day. Prison and loss of freedom is the punishment, not a torturous diet. Not to mention all the “white collar” criminals in the the various agencies that should have detected his missing billions. Move to China where they harvest organs of criminals and sentence porn downloaders to death before you call me an idiot you f*ing loser.

      3. Tommy says:

        So yeah the guys who got busted for a bag of pot surely deserve to have irreversible live damage. Dumb Fck.

      4. tommy says:

        liver & kidney damage*

      5. Eduart says:

        Hi, and tanhks for Hi, and tanhks for the question. There is no problem in a room smaller than 700 sq. ft. It will just clean the room more times, which is ideal for asthma problems like I used to have. You might run it on the slower speed (800 sq. ft. is at the high speed which is probably not ideal for sleeping) as the quiet mode in it is probably the best for the bedroom.., Blessings. and most important I hope he gets better.. MR

    3. rjm2238 says:

      I’m with you here. The way this country is being feminized, everything is being criminalized, accidents ect, who knows who will be the next person locked up. The courts no longer even need to prove intent to file criminal charges and the cowards making up the juries routinely find all guilty just because they were arrested and the government tells them to.
      Disgusting cowards are taking over and I hope they end up “in the joint”.
      Rich in New Mexico.

      1. phnx says:

        Don’t want soy, don’t eat it, but don’t expect the taxpaying public to provide you meat, try vegetables. Better yet how about hard tack and water.

    4. Newbern W Johnson says:

      Yeah. I guess that’s why the Chinese and Japanese are having so many health problems. I mean, soy has been a mainstay of their diet for centuries.

      1. tommy says:


        The China Study follows the work of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, from his decades of laboratory experiments on protein consumption, to The China Project, referred to as the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” by The New York Times. The China Project examined more than 350 variables of health and nutrition with surveys from 6,500 adults in more than 2,500 counties across China and Taiwan, and conclusively demonstrates the link between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. While revealing that proper nutrition can have a dramatic effect on reducing and reversing these ailments as well as curbing obesity, this text calls into question the practices of many of the current dietary programs, such as the Atkins diet, that are widely popular in the West. The politics of nutrition and the impact of special interest groups in the creation and dissemination of public information are also discussed.

      2. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

        Silly Tommy,
        Liberals can’t read.

      3. monica says:

        The china study showed that meat was bad for you along with dairy, not that soy was bad.

      4. Friar says:

        Tommy, try reading the china study before you use it to tout the fact that you think it’s soy that caused their problems. The China Study shows that the people eating a western diet (meat) are the ones with all the health problems, but the ones eating plant based protein are indeed very healthy.

        It’s helpful to read a book before you use it to prove your point, when in fact it knocks your point completely out from under you.

    5. aelfheld says:



  5. blackcurry says:

    So a lifer pedophile doesn’t like the food he is being served in prison. Who cares? He can turn into a vegetable for all I care. I hope he feels the pain of every child he ever hurt magnified 10 times. Payback is hell, buddy.

  6. J says:

    Of course they do this to somebody that is hateworthy, but imagine you had to do a few years in jail for a very dumb mistake, or even for no reason. I think youll wish you had tried to limit the power of these shadowy private prisons

    1. Klaus says:

      America has 3% of the world’s population and 50% of the world’s prison population. Either we have too many laws or our people are the most wicked on earth. We have so many laws, every American is in violation of at least one of them. The only reason each one of us is not in a prison is only because we have not been caught yet. The privatization of prisons is evil. Running the justice system is one of the few legitimate responsibilities of government. If a government can’t handle it, then that government has to go.

      1. Rico says:

        No, in many other countries of the world they just stand you up to a wall and shoot you or lop your head off in the public squaare.

      2. FederalFarmer1782 says:

        We have the disturbed practice of making violations into misdemeanors. Like driving without proof of insurance (note:not without insurance, just without proof on you) is a WA misdemeanor that can land one in jail for up to a year. And we migrate misdemeanors to felonies. Tie that with three strikes and you’re out laws and you end up with a large percentage of people in jail.

      3. Klaus says:

        Rico, you mean like in Mexico and Red China, where the globalists sent our jobs to?

        Or do you mean like in Libya, where NATO backs Al Qaeda?

    2. aelfheld says:

      They’re feeding this to all of the prisoners.

      Do work on your reading comprehension – it will do so much to prevent you from appearing the fool you are.

  7. J says:

    Modern American private prisons = La Bastille of the French Revolution

  8. al says:

    so feed them pork hearts,tripe and scalded stomach—–the McRib sandwich

    1. azcoyote says:

      I wouldn’t waste a tasty McRib on some pedophile.

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        A tasty McRib?? I wouldn’t force Jeff Dahmer to eat one.

      2. Gwendylyn says:

        Natasha Posted on Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you are in pain, it’s very very dflcifuit. Try to stay positive and move forward. Peace and blessings, Natasha

  9. Ed says:

    I’m the last person to sympathize with convicted criminals, but food allergies, and in particular soy allergies, can destroy your body. It can lead to Crohn’s disease and many other very lethal diseases. He should be given food that he is not allergic to if doctors confirm his body cannot tolerate it. Not doing so is equivalent to giving him poison and watching him die.

    1. marg1 says:

      Who cares what happens to this disgusting piece of garbage? Ed, you’d feel a differently if it had been your child he molested.

      Pedophiles can’t be punished enough so I say, “Serve him nothing but soy.”

    2. monica says:

      he hasn’t said he’s allergic to it, just that he’s against the diet. hes whining. you can be allergic to just about any food.

  10. eat this says:

    maybe you will be joined by a Penn State contingent shortly

    1. sean says:

      How many laws did u break today and what is legal today we can make it illegal tommrow so sit tight we will come and get you.

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Linebacker U to Brokebacker U…heads, as well as a few pairs of nuts will roll over this.

  11. Glenda McGee says:

    They are poisoning these men, plain and simple. Do you think the rich crooks and tax cheats would ever have to eat that neurotoxin filled garbage?

    1. Sammie Jo says:

      so what if they’re being poisoned? This guy shouldn’t have molested a child if he wanted to be able to pick his own menu.
      Tax cheats and pedophiles are not in the same ballpark.

  12. water says:

    There is no basis to have anything against anti-social people if society itself exhibits the same behavior of creating an “us” and “them”.

    If we can’t pay more than $1.70 per day to feed someone maybe we’ve got too many people locked up. Something is wrong.

    1. Ed says:

      Excellent point.

    2. marg1 says:

      No one is stopping you and your like-minded cronies from sending more money to the government to provide better meals to pedophiles and murderers.

      I agree we have too many laws, but some people just don’t even deserve to exist.

      If Eric wanted to have a say in his meal selection he should have kept his creepy, slimy hands off innocent children.

      1. nam_vet6869 says:

        This is true, I think they should get two Baloney Sandwiches a day and fruit for breakfast and I also think they should have to pay for their room and board, they can work for .10 an hour to do so.

  13. Captain Crunch says:

    I seriously question what they are doing with 47 million dollars per year. Either the money is being embezzled (no surprise!) or being mismanaged. I don’t think thats right feeding them soy. It is cruel and inhumane, especially if you weren’t raised on it and there are questionable health risks.

  14. Quacker Oats says:

    And HOW MANY people are in jail because of our government’s failed war on drugs? Instead of paying to incarcerate otherwise law abiding citizens they lock them up for years and years instead of trying to rehabilitate them. Most users are non violent.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      You apologists always come out of the wood word when some dirt bag criminal whines about the food or his alleged bad treatment. You are a part of the problem.

  15. Flo Steele says:

    Oh the Soy is causing this because its made with “Genetically Modified Organisms, ” GMOs. Yep, rashes, allergies to name a few. Thanks to Govt sponsored Monsanto.

    1. aelfheld says:

      It is? And what proof do you have to support your assertions?

    2. Hind says:

      xTimeCheer65 on November 7, 2011 My foivrate food has to be crab and lobster! i love it! Haha.Thanks for this giveawayy!!good luck everyone!

  16. Roadk9 says:

    For all you bleeding hearts out there, you can send as much money as you like to these criminals to help them buy what you and they think they should eat. But if you think for one second you’re going to convince those of us who are forced to not only pay for their food but also pay to fix the damages and problems they cause you are fools.

    1. Citizen says:

      I guess that leaves no choice but to not convict unless the crime is truly outrageous.

      1. sean patriot says:

        No, It means we start shooting them in the head, right after we kill all the liberal lawers and judges and activists

  17. Rito's World says:

    we pay for sex change operations as it is, why not let the process take a natural course. soy, the new don’t eat or we”ll tell.

    1. Itti says:

      what does that means you make it like eitpoiha won a world cup that team is eitpoiha foot ball federation seporting more than our national team { this news is just madness when i read it i am think in { birtukan mideksa ) she going out of prison

  18. You're kidding right? says:

    I have just had it with reading about the ‘rights’ of other people that I am paying for. I’m sorry…. you’re a convicted pedophile. I don’t care about your rights. It would seem to me, when you chose to do whatever you chose to do to a young child, you gave up your rights. As a taxpayer- I’m sick of paying for you. What about MY rights and how my tax dollars are spent? They could feed you cat food and I wouldn’t care. You should count your blessings if the least of your worries are soy issues. And lastly, it is a HUGE slap in the face to every tax paying citizen for you to be moaning about your ‘quality of your life sentence’ while we all struggle to pay to put food on our own table while we pay for your sorry a@# with our confiscated tax dollars.

  19. Mike_88 says:

    Eating too much soy as a male really does give you roid rage symptoms.

    Females brought up on the stuff tend to grow with masculine features (adam’s apples and hairy).

    As for the soy company picking up the tab, it is another concern for industry over humanity and that is plain wrong.

    Peoples bodies have different needs to sustain themselves and if he needs pork even though the defense is claiming the price of poultry, he should have pork.

    Plenty of hog problems across the nation. Free pork. Tag it, and bag it.

    1. ROBBOB says:

      NO, don’t give them wiild boar, that is far better than farm raised pig. Give them pigs, we keep boar. Wild boar is extremely lean but tasty.

  20. binc says:

    Bread and water thrown through a small trap door is quite good enough for criminals.

  21. aelfheld says:

    Poor little things. This is just awful. They’re being treated like criminals.

    Oh, wait . . .

  22. sean patriot says:

    Our prison system is indicative of the way America has become due to liberalism. WEAK AND PATHETIC. Give them spam sandwhiches and water

    1. aelfheld says:

      Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

    2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Better yet, only Spam that expired before 1962.

  23. anon says:

    “Bread and water thrown through a small trap door is quite good enough for criminals.”

    And this is why your country has no moral high ground, even compared to Al Qaeda, even HAMAS gave that kidnapped solider 3 square meals a day.

    Americans are worse than HAMAS.

    1. RUFUS LEVIN says:


    2. aelfheld says:

      Either you didn’t bother to look at the pictures of Gilad Shalit after his release or you’re a d—-d liar.

      Al Qaeda and company don’t bother much with feeding their prisoners – not much need to feed someone after you’ve sawed his head off.

      1. anon says:

        And yet, you condemn them. You have no moral high ground Americans. HAMAS treats its prisoners better than you treat yours.

    3. marg1 says:

      Americans haven’t beheaded or stoned anyone lately.

      Americans are NOT worse than Hamas. Well, maybe our president is…

      1. anon says:

        Oh marg1, people such as yourself I have endless sympathy for. The endless soundbytes, the need for a snappy retort, you are a product of the media you consume.

        To draw the comparison between the atrocities of the American War Machine and a group of desert dwellers defending their homeland from invasion is not a product of you own though, but what you have been told to believe. It is the same as drawing the comparison between abortion and any other type of surgery, they are not the same thing at all.

    4. tommy says:

      True enough. They are poisoning us through vaccines that sterilize & copyrighted foods that are more or less poison. Even china wont allow GMO’s and they put plastic in baby food.

    5. Dawgmeister says:

      The voice of ignorance braying in the darkness. The inmates in the Florida Department of Corrections DO get three squares daily, and if conditions merit, they get more. Speaking of Hamas, the Mexicans have a word that sounds exactly the same, spelled with a “J” instead of an “H”. It means “Never Again”, as in “No Future”, “Looser”… What an appropriate name for that band of losers.
      Oh, and as for “moral high ground”, Ground level has you guys beat all to heck and back. Go pound sand, sweetie!

      1. anon says:

        You have made no compelling argument. This is a denial of food and human rights, do you not believe in the equality of man? To bring up nonsense like Mexican terminology and pounding sand….How far from your founding principles you have become. The shining city on the hill turned out to be nothing more than a blinking bar-room light with the repeated word KILL KILL KILL.

    6. Jim in Houston says:

      And you know all of this – HOW? You liberal apologists make me ill!

  24. dood says:

    Serving soy is not fair.
    They should replace the soy with rat poison.

  25. RUFUS LEVIN says:


  26. Booga says:

    A friend of my son went on a “vegan” kick and ate an all soy diet. It literally killed him, he developed severe food allergies and before he figured out what the culprit was his health was severely damaged. He is recovering but will never totally recover.

    1. aelfheld says:

      Well, if he’s recovering it didn’t ‘literally’ kill him did it?

    2. Duderson says:

      then your son’s friend is stupid. eating all soy is just dumb. were you just over exaggerating? I eat all vegan diet, not too much soy. I bet I’m much healthier than you.

    3. GrammarNazi says:

      Do you know what literally means? It means it really happened, as in, it actually killed your sons stupid friend. So no, it did not “literally kill him”. It “almost” killed him, though I doubt it even did that.

  27. dawgmeister says:

    Constipation, then diarrhea…can you say, “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”?
    It’s got little, if anything to do with soy. Metamucil helps keep ’em regular…

  28. calhoun says:

    I’ve never been on the side of convicts in my 65 years. This time I have to be with them. Vegans and health food eaters I’ve know are among the most loopy people on the planet. They are also democrats which are loopy anyway. Eat more chickin.

  29. TJP says:

    I actually agree with him on this one. If you’re not going to execute him up front, you have a legal obligation to feed him food that isn’t poison. Given, he doesn’t deserve pork, and forcing him to go vegan would be just fine with me – but soy is known to cause a whole host of problems in humans, including constipation, weight retention, feminizing effects in men (soy contains hormones), higher risk of cancer, etc. They’re essentially slowly poisoning him to death to save a few cents on meals.

    1. Big Bear says:

      Slowly poisoning the slime to death? We can only hope.

  30. ronald says:

    steady diet of McRibs should quell his craving. Give them all the fat and salt they desire. In the end it will give them a shorter life sentence..

    1. Willow says:

      LOL sadly I do agree with this.

  31. Alvin Marcott says:

    hate to say it, but i’m gonna have to side with the pervert on this one. meat is practically a constitutional right. I don’t mind if you give them cheap meat, but no meat? c’mon!

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Terrific, now you’ve just put Booger Thing, er, Burger King on the hook for billions in legal fees to retain a defense team.

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      I wouldn’t give them anything. Let them do like Turkey and Thailand where the prisoner’s family is responsible for their food. Th government is only responsible for incarceration. Would save a ton of money and more than likely reduce crime.

  32. Citizen says:

    The funny thing is, soy is in our diet too. Even if you believe these criminals have no rights, this is just helping set a precedent to promote soy consumption in all of our children.

  33. Willow says:

    Soy needs to be eaten in moderation. If you’re going to go vegan, eat a lot of beans and nuts or tempeh (which is wheat-based protein) instead of soy. A lot of people develop allergies to soy. It has also been linked to breast cancer in women.

  34. Big Bear says:

    Pedophile? His jail chow should be laced with Calcium-45 so he…wait…IT…contracts bone cancer. Then it should be tossed in solitary confinement to die in lonely agony.

  35. bill.1942 says:

    Sounds like a little (very little) bread and water is in order.

  36. Buddy says:

    There’s no death penalty in FL?

  37. jnsesq says:

    How about additional time for criminal abuse of the court system?

  38. B da truth says:

    Serve them Road Kill for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Lol, I like the cut of your jib, Simpson.

  39. Victoria says:

    Feed the pukes beans or legumes as their source of protein. They get their complex proteins. That is wayyyyy cheaper than chicken or even soy.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Be sure to issue gas masks to the guards.

  40. 1jack says:

    McDonald’s can feed them cheaper and better

  41. Joe Campbell says:

    It seems to me that once someone

  42. Joe Campbell says:

    It seems to me that once someone is convicted and placed in prision, ALL RIGHTS ARE LOST!

  43. Comrade Trotsky says:

    Mr. Criminal Sir: Don’t eat it if you don’t like it. You would be dead day 1 in a Russian prison, and no one would have seen nuthin’.

  44. Frenette Family Values says:

    If he doesn’t like his food he can just Starve, hopefully it will be a slow painful death from starvation.

  45. Wolf says:

    I don’t care what a lifer pedophile has to eat. What concerns me is the GOVERNMENT pushes Monsanto Roundup Ready soy as healthy.

  46. Steve says:

    How about let them eat meat only after cutting their nuts off

  47. Bernie Bouck says:

    I hear they even put saltpeter in the coffee. . . . . . Things are really going to heII in the department of corrections !

  48. Homer says:

    Let them have meat, but they have to wear a red ball in their mouth, de-pantsed and tied down for their visit with the gimp

  49. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    C’mon, Florida, why isn’t this kidtouching turd already extra-crispy in the first place?

  50. canuck says:

    The guy is serving a life sentence….one more good reason for capital punishment.

  51. Rosemary Peppercorn says:

    I’m allergic to soy. It makes the intestines double in size.

    That is cruel and unusual.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Sorry, but your problem has nothing to do with this situation. He can always chose not to eat at all. I do NOT feel sorry for a pedophile.

  52. JOe Dutra says:

    Soy suppositories, that is the answer.

  53. RD says:

    Soy is well known for containing plant based female hormones. I thought that a man growing breasts in prision was a sure fire route to popularity among your fellow convicts.

  54. Dump Odumbo says:

    Frank Zappa called it “Confinement Loaf”.

  55. Truth Detector says:

    Absolutely right!

    Request granted.

    The Court orders the prisoner’s diet to be stale bread and water henceforth.

  56. memyselfandi says:

    I have an idea. 1 meal a day = bread and water.
    NO SOY since that has real nutritional value.
    Chain them to the floor so they can’t move and burn calories.

    If they don’t like that, then mandatory ass-raping with night-sticks.

  57. Topaz says:

    Three meals a day? why are these prisoners fed three meals a day? Is the jail authorities are preparing the inmates for some sort of dog show or champion races? They should not be given more than 2 meals and those meals should be mostly rice and beans. No snacks or other drinks. Only water. One other thing…someone in the government should take away all these silly legal rights for these inmates. They should NOT be allowed to sue…period.

  58. Earl says:

    Soy. Hmm. Seems to me that the Ford Motor Co. painted all its cars with soy derived synthetic enamels, for about forty years. Great car paint. But, the fumes humans might breath from its over-spray, will make a person sick as a dog.

  59. Mountain Man says:

    You are in prison…for a crime (pedophilia)…tough $h!t…eat your veggies and shut up.

  60. Douglas Lynn says:

    This pervert should be given a choice soy or road apples.

  61. hps says:

    HEY I am with him but if we are FORCED to eat them out here in the world that PAYS for your soy meals .. have enough respect to SHUT UP and EAT THEM.. the SOY farmers need the money the government gives them to grow soy and the FDA decided that SOY was good for us.. and you are no better than we are.. IF he wins this we should all sue for our soy laced products on the grocery shelf.. BTW.. Soy is one of the top 10 allergies..

  62. jose says:

    put em all in a tent and stake em to a pole cemented into the ground give the 2 baloney sandwiches a day and water..if they want exercise unchain them and put them on the chain gang,,,make them serve their whole sentence with no gain time…bet 90% of them nver return to prison

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Why two? One on stale bread with green edged baloney.

  63. Ryan Mouk says:

    What a stupid ass human being. This bag od waste should be removed from society not indulged. Make him eat his own feet for his dinner and then see how he enjoys the soy food.

  64. gymlock says:

    Feed them the same food we serve our kids in schools.

    1. Rocio says:

      DianaCostaaa on November 7, 2011 My fortviae food is Spaghetti Bolognese, can eat that all day, and my mom does the best, now i want to eat some, annnnnnnh :3Awesome giveaway btw ????

  65. Veggie King says:

    Soy is miracle food. Yum! Give them wheat gluten while you’re at it, too.

  66. Willey says:

    Cut them down to two meals per day.

  67. Holugu says:

    Soy based… aaaah! Tofu!

    I agree, that’s cruel and unusual! Prison or not.

  68. Mark Sausage says:

    What the people here don’t seem to realize is that prisoner rights are not just for the guilty. They’re there to protect the innocent parties who happen to get accidentally sucked into the criminal justice system. If you found yourself in prison, unjustly convicted of something you didn’t do, you’d be thankful that someone is feeding you decent food, protecting you from harm inside, and giving you decent medical care.

    1. sherbert says:

      yeah set up buy a criminal informent and dirty cops. than u have a record from that sh– can you get a job no might as well keep going back live free eat free free electricity free heat hell stay where you r far as the butt licker god has his ball’s

  69. Jeff says:

    Soylent Green is the answer!

  70. hkinsey3 says:

    If ya can’t eat the slime don’t do the crime. You are lucky you aren’t in prison in Ethiopia.

  71. Clare says:

    I have a suggestion: why don’t we poll this perp’s victims, and ask THEM to decide what he should eat? Sounds like justice to me…

  72. TJ says:

    Lets try this at a different angle. Give them back their all meat meals but charge them $2.50 a meal that has to be paid by their family prior to his being released. If he is not releasable, charge his family anyway or take their home as payment. THEY ARE CRIMINALS. Treat them as such.

  73. Doctor Celery says:

    Being a vegan is expensive. Those inmates should consider themselves lucky for having free vegan meals. Too bad they throw poultry in the mix–that is why, if true, they are getting sick. Make it 100% vegan, various veggie-based proteins and they’d be free from eating MEAT and treating any MEAT as food–including humans who they prey on.

  74. Sidney Smith says:

    If you have an allergy to Soy, then you know exactly why the inmates are suing. I have a allergy to soy and it makes me so sick. 80 of your food has soy in it. Soy is used to kill insects in the soil. If the USA didn’t take short cuts in the processing of soy, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for us. It is deadly stuff.

  75. Cogiito says:

    This perv thinks he is entitled to a quality life style? What about the life style of the children he raped?

    If I had my way, he would be taking an eternal dirt knap.

    And to think that the Left is trying to decriminalize both pedophelia and rape claiming they are the product of mental illness.

  76. Ribeyes says:

    This makes me want to take my BBQ pit and put it on the fence line of his open window and grill the hell out of some good steaks..

  77. Hippie Food says:

    But vegan food…this may actually cross the line to cruel and unusual punishment.

  78. horseshrink says:

    Gosh, and we don’t let them smoke, either. Where will it all end?

    I’ve had inmates tell me of their future retirement plans. Brick through a bank window. For people who haven’t paid into social security and won’t be Medicare eligible, it’s a ticket to free room/board/healthcare.

  79. tammy says:

    You know what’s cruel and unusual punishment, molesting an innocent child!

    1. Binti says:

      All aeilpancps, and All aeilpancps, and air purifiers with Motors or electronics, produce some minute ozone (TV’s, computers, refrigerators included). So the answer is next to zero, and completely safe. Some air purifiers hoever do use Ozone to clean, and produce a lot more ozone. This one doesn’t (sorry if I overexplained )

  80. Matt says:

    Bring back the prison farms and make them grow their own.

  81. Don says:

    Let them eat cake!

  82. Aisling says:

    you get darn sick from soy.It should only be eaten in a fermented state. Not at all for people with a low thyroid. It will lower your thyroid in healthy persons and make you feel as if you have hypothyroidism.I try to warn the shepple’s about this.
    They will hear none of it. Western Price was a genius.
    Butter is very beneficial. GASP
    These prisoners are correct in trying to get this changed.
    For most of us it would be wise to try and stop it from being added to everything.

  83. jack says:

    If he loses the lawsuit feed him 100
    5 soy for one year

  84. KLeC says:

    Convicted pedophile? Sorry … don’t care, you moron.

  85. Daniel Morgan says:

    Child molester Ed Harris is having the time of his life as he sues for “violation” of his rights. He is laughing his head off as the present court system “empowers” him. The public ends up paying more money to improve the quality of life for this human garbage

  86. elevenhundred says:

    Life imprisonment should be life in solitary. Just because our liberal overlords don’t have the stomach to fry you doesn’t mean you deserve anything from us.

  87. John Tokalenko says:

    All normal people believe this guy should be given an ALL LEAD diet.

  88. ARTBOY says:


  89. STFUEveryone says:

    Everyone who claims that someone else on here is wrong, unless you post a link to an “accredited”, recognized source, STFU. Saying that there is evidence out there is just as bad as stating “baseless information”.

  90. Scott says:

    If they want meat, then Soylent Green is the meat they need. Even though the 1sy 3 letters spell SOY, it is 100% meat!!

  91. desert says:

    “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!” in the meantime, you mealy mouthy little whut’s….STFU!!

  92. robert g says:

    While I do agree that a vegan diet is the worst thing in the world you have to remember that prison is not supposed to be nice. This could make a good deterrent to crime. The threat of prison doesn’t seem to work but ad a vegan diet to prison and that should make for a great deterrent.

  93. Ben Dover says:

    Prisons should be a place one would not desire to go to. Prisons should not be a place where one goes to be coddled.

  94. Chris Romero says:

    They justice system need tort reform immediately; Inmates sue you for feeding them a healthy soy based meal. Then they sue you if you give them real meat because then they get high blood pressure. All you ever hear is the poor inmates….. What about the poor victims in their crimes?

  95. Bucko says:

    So put him on bread and water, and hang him at sunrise!!!

  96. AC says:

    Feeding poison to prisoners amounts to torture. The people running the prison system should be sent to prison for life.

  97. Chris says:

    Oh damn, a man who enjoys sex with little girls and or boys who has a life sentence for doing such a thing is not enjoying his life sentence for his crime.

    Well we all best call the governor about this right away.

  98. NAME says:

    Soy is not bad for people, but not feeding them meet is just TORTURE ! ! !

  99. Seploud says:

    Soy is one of the worst things I have tasted. The last time I ate that thing spend vomited for 6 hours. I almost die. Meat is not bad( if you know how to cook it)….that is just an study fabricated by the vegan religion and PETA. We are creatures that need both meat and fruits….we are not vegetarians nor carnivorous. We are omnivorous!.

  100. KP says:

    Reading the comments on a Florida-based site. I think I just overdosed on stupid.

  101. Herrmann says:

    You don’t like the prison food, don’t comit a crime. Besides prisoners should be working, not filing lawsuits. And working HARD, so they will not do it again, Herm

  102. Just saying.... says:

    KP, yes stupidity abounds on public forums where people can be as inconsiderate as they want to be because in the end who cares about morals….. you people are lost. Enjoy your lives 🙂

  103. jimmy coomer says:

    Shoot him in the face. Twice.

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