First off I want to put it right out in the open that I’m a big fan of John Carpenter’s work in the late 70’s and early 80’s, especially his version of The Thing from 1982.  That movie was way ahead of its time with its mix of smart sci-fi, suspense, and gross out special effects. It has earned a place in my Blu-Ray collection at home.  So when I heard that Universal was going to revisit the story I was little apprehensive of how it would turn out.  So would it be better than the 1982 version or would it disappoint like so many other horror remakes we have seen over the last ten years.

The answer is no. It’s not better than the 1982 version but that doesn’t mean it isn’t highly entertaining for fans of the genre and a great companion piece to go along with Carpenter’s version.  Like I said in the beginning, I am very biased when it comes to the 1982 version but that doesn’t mean I should automatically hate this version like a lot of fan boys tend to do without even seeing the film. The movie is a prequel that wastes no time into getting into the discovery of the ship and the alien by Norwegian science crew in the arctic… but then again why would they?

We already know they found the alien and it goes nuts on the science crew so why waste time with scenes showing them cutting the alien out of the ice. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (PICTURED BELOW) plays Kate a Paleontologist who is brought into to study the creature and eventually discovers that the crew has been compromised by the alien being. Winstead does what she can with the role but the real star is of The Thing is the alien itself.

Back in the day filmmakers were limited by what they could do for special effects so Carpenter was forced to limit the amount of alien carnage.  This time around you are able to see the alien wreak havoc on the base and his spaceship as well. I definitely liked the fact that this time you got to see the alien in its form. I loved to say that seeing the alien absorb other organisms was the scariest part of the movie but it wasn’t.

The scariest part was the parents that brought their young children to the screening at the theater. Note to parents who did this. YOU ARE INSANE. This isn’t Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss.  This is the thing that will rip you to pieces. So to close, if you are a fan of smart Sci-Fi and loved the 1982 version without being too much of a snob about it, then I would totally recommend the 2011 version of The Thing.  It’s got tension, gore, action, and continuity to the 1982 version.  Plus it’s Halloween time and we all love a good scare this time of year.

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