Halloween is right around the corner and if you are among the procrastinators still without a costume don’t panic! I put together six fabulous DIY creations that are guaranteed to be a hit and truly one of a kind.
So spare yourself the embarrassment this October 31st and skip and predictable, mass-produced costumes and show off your creativity and style with one of these unique ideas. Chances are you probably already own some of the items need for these costumes, or very similar pieces..

Black Swan Costume

What you will need:

•Black Tutu (I found this at a local dance store for $23, but you can buy similar ones at Halloween stores)
•Light pink tights (Wal-mart $4.50)
•I suggest ballet slippers over pointed shoes. They are much more comfortable and will not kill your feet.(The local dance store had them on sale for $5!)
•Pink ribbon (Wal-Mart $3.79)
•Tiara (Jo-Ann fabric $1.99)
•Rhinestones (Michael’s sells the multi pack for $2.99, but check your closet for old clothes with larger stones you can use)
•Black Feathers (Michael’s has many options. I choose the feather half circle and pack of loose feathers)
•Black feather boa ribbon
•Black tulle spool ( Jo-Ann fabric $ 2.99)
•Clothing glue

Bubble Bath Costume

What you will need:

•Blue Balloons
•White Strapless bra
•White boy shorts
•Rubber ducky
•Rain boots
•Safety pins



Peacock Costume

Photo Credit: luuux.com

What you will need:

•Black Tutu
•Bustier in either blue black purple or green
•Peacock feathers (Party City $3.99 for a pack of 8 )
•Matching feathers (that follow your color scheme.)
•Rhinestones (If you have time)
•Black fishnet tights (Jo-Ann Fabric $3.19)
•Blue tulle (Wal-Mart $1.27 a yard)
•Bright blue purple and green eye makeup


Cupcake Costume

What you will need:

•Bustier in any pastel color of your choice
•Tutu in comparing colors
•Cupcake hair accessory. You can either buy one or make your own.
•Extra tulle
•Bright candy looking jewelry (Party City $0.35-$1.99)
•Craft loopie cords for the sprinkles (Jo-Ann Fabric $1.99)
•Lightweight Spackle (Any hardware store)
•Cake decorating bags & icing tips (You can buy both for under $7 at Jo-Ann Fabric)
•Acrylic paint (Jo-Ann Fabric $1.29)

For directions to create fake frosting go here.


Twitter Bird Costume

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed.com

What you will need:

•Blue fabric to make a smock

•Blue tights or leggings

•Blue feathers

•Dry erase board (Staples $1.00)

•Yellow knee high socks


Loofah Costume

Photo Credit: Community.thenest.com

What you will need:

•30 feet of tulle (Check the discount aisles at the fabric store first)
•Rope (I used my dogs toy rope)
•Safety pins
•Attach the tulle to any piece of clothing you already own.


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