Oh poor lonely boy it looks like his book is more like a fortuneteller then a fiction novel.  To start, this entire idea of Dan writing a novel is pure genius, Gossip Girl has so many great stories but the characters are growing up and it’s nice to be reminded of some of the trouble they used to get themselves in to.

In the last episode Dan admits to writing the book… Suddenly now he is on the fast track to having a New York Times best-seller… or so they say. Only one little problem, the people who are inspirations for characters in the book have no idea the book even exists.

Dan gathers everyone together… Blair, Chuck, Nate, Serena, Lily and Rufus and gives all of them a copy of the book to see how it will all go over. He tells them to read the book and then get back to him. This part makes me giggle because nobody but Chuck and Rufus actually read the book. What a bunch a morons! If someone tells me that they wrote a book about me, I will sure as hell know what it says. Dan even made a joke about his Dad being almost through with the book, while Nate would probably only be on page 20. Lol! Actually Dan, he was too busy with Ms. Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) going through phones and just standing around with his new haircut being very handsome to even crack the book open. Chuck finally tells him that his character in the book was actually a combination of him and Eric… and was gay. Nate didn’t mind being portrayed gay, but he did mind that he didn’t even get his own character. He thought that Dan and him were better friends than that. WRONG! Sorry Nate, just go back to being handsome.


Of course Serena, or should I say Sabrina, didn’t read the book either because she is sure that Dan has portrayed her to be the perfect beautiful blonde, WRONG! Actually Serena he thinks you are flighty, irresponsible and kind of a hoe. She obviously doesn’t want to hear any of that but then again Serena, you did have relations with your best friend’s boyfriend, two of your professors, a married politician and a random man that you met while trying to hail a taxi-cab. So really Dan is not too far off on your character in the book. On the bright side, at least you always look fantastic.


Dan writes that Blair and he had sex… and the scene that was reenacted was hilarious and so over the top. The prince was not too keen on this storyline in the book (even though it is so not true) and storms off. Blair is supposedly having his child and he loves her so much and he wants to be with her forever, but he walks away and acts like he’s over it at the drop of a hat?! WRONG! Come on dude, it’s Blair Waldorf, she’s going to have her secrets, every girl does, but not every girl has people following them with camera phones and a website devoted to their every move. If he really wants to know all of her secrets just read ALL of the Gossip Girl website. LOL! Everything is on there and then he would be all caught up! Ha… problem solved. But of course, none of this would be a problem if Dan wouldn’t have wrote the book and Blair is still very mad at him for writing lies about them and ruining her engagement. She says that she is never going to talk to him again and that their friendship is over. This day was clearly not Dan’s day.

I think the Diana and Ivy/Charlie story is going to turn out interesting. Now that Ivy is working for Diana and Diana knows who Ivy really is, I can’t wait to see all the gossip that Ivy is going to stir up. I’m just wondering if the real Charley Rhodes is ever going to show, that would sure be a twist.


Lastly, my dears Chuck and Blair finally got a few scenes together.

These damn writers have to throw us a bone though, Blair and the prince are just not right for each other and I don’t know how much longer I can stand Louis’s annoying accent. Chuck’s character in the book, Charlie Trout, dies and at first Chuck seems fine with it. He is starting to feel some feelings again and looks so cute walking his new furry friend around the upper east side while wearing a suit.


You just got to love Chuck; surely the prince couldn’t pull off that look. When the prince walked out on Blair, Chuck was standing outside telling him not to leave Blair and that he is lucky to have found love. I say shut up Chuck, let him leave and then you and Blair can get back together. Although, I think Chuck loves Blair so much he just wants whatever makes her happy.

The night ends with Chuck telling Lily that he no longer wants to be a bad boy, Dan all alone at his computer since everyone he loves is mad at him, Serena finally learns that Blair is pregnant and Blair and Louis seem to be ok, even though Louis had a worried look of his face and Gossip Girl promises that we are at the start of a brand new chapter.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

What do guys you think? I’d love to hear you thoughts!

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