By Bradley Walker, 1010 Sports

TAMPA BAY (CBS) 48-3. A team that has a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl in 2012 will never lose by this large of a margin.

It’s no surprise that the worse loss of week five went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In fact, the 48-3 result was the worst loss in franchise history.

Josh Freeman and the Bucs won two impressive games against the Falcons and Colts before heading into San Fran, but the 49ers are a contender this year and showed the Bucs why they are a different team in 2011.

So after the severe beating last week, there are doubts as to whether this team is capable of making the playoffs this season. Playoff teams don’t lose 48-3 against a fledgling team, period.

They gave up on themselves, embarrassed the organization, and fans still wonder why games are blacked out every weekend. If Tampa Bay played well consistently then there wouldn’t be a problem. But you know what’s a problem, Freeman throwing six interceptions this year, which matches his total number of picks in 2010.

Gerald McCoy and LeGarrette Blount suffered injuries against the 49ers, and wide receiver Mike Williams is well aware of his slumping statistics this year after a poor performance in San Francisco last week.

Tampa Bay is ranked 28th in the league  in average points scored each game, and they are well below the league average in total yards a game. Whatever you want to call it, the Bucs are fighting to stay relevant in a highly competitive league.

With a 3-2 start, Raheem Morris prepares his team to face the high-powered offensive of the Saints in a week six showdown at Raymond James Stadium.


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