TAMPA (CBS) Bulls fans have the same question following the first big loss of each season: Why can’t my team win the big game?

USF’s “big game” came around a week ago against the Pittsburgh Panthers, and a conference game at that.

Yes, the Bulls entered that game with a 4-0 record and a win against Notre Dame for what that’s worth, but their opponents didn’t prepare them for the beating they endured against Pitt on national television.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, the fact that the defense allowed Ray Graham to rush for over 200 yards, or the agony of being ranked 16th in the nation only to bend over and take a whipping like the one handed to them on Thursday night.

But the last thing the Bulls can do is let the loss affect their motivations. Skip Holtz and his team’s main goal is to win the Big East, and with no clear front runner in the conference there is still a good chance to accomplish that.

The question that still remains though, is how can this team win the Big East? B.J Daniels and the Bulls offense has made improvements since last season, but our red zone touchdown percentage is grim.

13-24 (54 %) on the season for red zone touchdowns isn’t good enough. USF needs to make those scoring drives count, because field goals won’t win you games.

The defense has problems of its own. Pittsburgh’s running attack exposed weaknesses, which resulted in a lot of ball chasing and less assignment defense.

With that being said, the Bulls’ bye week approaches, which could be a considered both a good and bad thing. Hopefully during the down time the team can stay hungry, but the off week gives the Bulls time to practice and fix last week’s mistakes.

So why will the Bulls win the Big East? Why won’t they?

One thing is certain, USF will prove their worth in the conference on October 15 against the defending Big East champion UConn Huskies.