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Ringer Saga recap-

I just thought I would write a quick recap of what’s been happening on the show so far. Here we go… try and keep up. 🙂

Siobhan and Bridget are identical twins that were once really close. Six years later, the story is a little different. Bridget is an ex-stripper that had a drinking problem. Siobhan is a married wealthy socialite living in a penthouse with her husband, Andrew and his drug-addicted teenage daughter, Juliet. vlcsnap 2011 07 21 12h43m36s69r 0c1f4b2f t3 Ringer Episodes 1 3 Recap

Bridget is the only witness in a murder trial, the only problem; the murderer a strip club owned named Otobaum is still out on the streets… looking for her. And now an FBI agent, Victor Machado is looking for her too. Bridget decided to run off and find her long-lost twin sister to have a place to hide out from the FBI and Otobaum. Although, Siobhan has not even told her new family that she has a twin sister.

Siobhan takes Bridget on a boat ride and somehow Bridget falls asleep and when she wakes up she is alone on the boat in the middle of the ocean. Bridget assumes Siobhan has killed herself.

Confused, scared and out of sorts, Bridget concocts the idea to take over her sister’s ‘perfect’ life. After all, Siobhan never mentioned she had a twin sister. Now Bridget is learning that Siobhan’s life isn’t exactly want she had planned it being like. She found out that someone is trying to kill Siobhan (her), she is cheating on her husband with her best friend, Gemma’s husband, and the doctor just called with the results… She’s pregnant!!! Well at least now she has an excuse not to drink. 100317 d0221r a4aa1384 t3 Ringer Episodes 1 3 Recap

Bridget ended up killing the man who was trying to kill her and hides his body in a trunk. She thinks she did a pretty good job until the body goes missing, but not before she takes the dead man’s phone.  Now she’s getting mysterious phone calls and whoever is calling wants the phone back and is watching her every move. We still don’t know why the phone is so important.ri100 sg12h35m49s4r 4a367967 t3 Ringer Episodes 1 3 Recap

Bridget confides in a fellow ex-addict and friend, Malcolm, and tells him some of the things that she has done. They planned to meet up at some point but those plans were spoiled. Otobaum finds Malcolm and knows that he is aware of where Bridget is hiding so he kidnaps him, locks him up, tortures him and even shoots him up with drugs trying to and get him to tell him where Bridget is hiding.

Victor Machado, the FBI agent that is looking for Bridget, goes to her next of kin to find her, which just so happens to be Siobhan. And after meeting her he determines that Siobhan knows where Bridget is and is up to something. ri100 sg02m29s133r 8363c9c4 t3 Ringer Episodes 1 3 Recap

Meanwhile Bridget is almost positive that her husband, Andrew is trying to kill her… Then again, maybe it’s her best friend Gemma that possibly knows that she’s sleeping with her husband. Bridget finally comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t think that it’s Andrew and the two of them are going to work on their relationship. After all, Andrew still thinks she is pregnant. 100347 d0245r 255c8ef9 t3 Ringer Episodes 1 3 Recap

Speaking of pregnancy, the real Siobhan who is pregnant is still very much alive and living in Paris. She seems very displeased with the news that her sister still alive. And she also seems very sad while making a mysterious phone call to her lover, Henry (Gemma’s husband) while holding a positive pregnancy test.

We are still unsure, why Siobhan has done all of this and why she was trying to have her sister killed. We don’t know if now that Malcolm is high if he is going to say anything to Otobaum about Bridget’s whereabouts. We don’t know if Victor is going to find out that Siobhan is really Bridget or if Andrew, Gemma, Henry, Juliet or anyone else is going to realize that she is not the real Siobhan either.

Now you’re pretty much all caught up. All new Ringer tonight at 9pm.


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