The most recent episode of Gossip Girl definitely didn’t disappoint and kept my interest until the very last second.

First off I’m happy that Chuck and Nate are back in New York City, although I was surprised to see Ms. Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) in the city too. I thought she owned that fab house in LA? Guess she missed a little Nate loving… or maybe she just wanted to find him so she could sleep with him again and then offer him a job. I’m sure that’s not going to make things awkward around the office.  Anyways Chuck is back to being crazy Chuck, who knows what that fella is up to. He definitely has some major issues; he says he has no feeling and then pays two men to beat him up. You should have just let Dan tickle you, that could have been fun to watch LOL!

This episode we got the pleasure of meeting Prince Louis’s sister, Beatrice, and let me tell you she was a peach. First off I don’t really love her accent. I also don’t love that she was force-feeding Blair, that she told Louis that Blair is bulimic and also that she made out with the priest in the limo. Geez lady you have been here two minutes and you’re already stirring up that much trouble. She is all kinds of wrong!  She’s definitely not the person Blair would want knowing about her pregnancy, but of course in true Gossip Girl fashion, she is the one that walks in and overhears Blair blurt it out! She does get a few points because she covered for Blair when the prince came up, although I’m certain that she has ulterior motives.

Serena and Charlie (Ivy) are on their way back to the big apple and I’m sure that things are going to get a little crazy.  Ivy left her acting career, her boyfriend and a normal life to pretend to be Serena’s cousin, Charlie, and get all the money that the real Charlie should be inheriting. Clearly she doesn’t have much of a conscience, but I’m interested to see how this turns out.

Finally and I think most importantly, the news of Blair’s pregnancy is starting to spread, mainly by Blair and her big mouth. That girl seriously needs to start looking over her shoulder and whispering things to people. You are in a public bathroom, don’t just blurt out that you are pregnant if you really want to keep it a secret. But of course she did and Dan Humphrey was the first of her friends to hear the news.

I think that Blair has a feeling that Chuck is her baby-daddy, although they did only sleep together once. I think she secretly hopes it’s his because it would give her a reason to break up with the prince and go back to Chuck. Then again who knows if Chuck would want her back after all the craziness he’s been going through.  Of course we all know that Dan has a thing for Blair and he was there to comfort her. While there sitting on the couch contemplating her decisions and weighing her options Blair turns to Dan and asks him, “What if I lose everything?” he simply answers, “You’ll still have me.” Quick someone get me a box of tissues. That was probably the sweetest line ever said in the entire show. I think it showed Blair that Dan will be there for her no matter what and I don’t think she has felt that from a lot of people in her life. Maybe there is more to their relationship that none of us have seen.

All I know now is that I’m hooked, this season is fantastic so far and I can’t wait to see how things play out.

That’s all for now… You know you love me! Xoxo

What you do guys think? Who’s baby is it? What’s Chuck’s deal? I’d really love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I think it’s Chuck’s baby. I hope they redeem him so Chuck and Blair can be reunited. as a family. For me the highlight of the episode was Nate. He was adorable and funny. I also enjoyed the Dan and Chuck scenes. I don’t mind Dan and Blair’s friendship but i really need a Chuck and Blair scene to keep watching.

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the review. I was disappointed that we still do not have any Chuck and Blair interaction in season 5. They have been the couple most people are invested in, and have been there consistently since season 1. It’s just not the same show without them. Also, a sweeter line has been one of the very many times that Serena has been there for Blair, such as when she stopped her from running away and going to France. Nothing will top their friendship on this show.

  3. Sandra Isabel Vicente says:

    I enjoyed the episode. Love how Chuck and Blair were still central to the story despite not sharing any scenes. Good job! I’m loving the pregnancy storyline and I’m enjoying Chuck’s story too. It was interesting to see Dan becoming a confidant to both Chuck and Blair. I have a feeling that he’ll play a big role in bring them closer eventually!

  4. Sarah says:

    Dan and Blair just suck you right in 🙂
    I love them, they have revived the show!