The season premiere of Hart of Dixie starring Rachel Bilson certainly followed suit in the traditions of gossip, drama, relationship scandal and family secrets.

Rachel Bilson, who has been MIA on a TV series since The O.C., plays Zoe Hart. A confident doctor with dreams of being a cardiothoracic surgeon, a large leap from Bilson’s role of Summer on The O.C.

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Regardless, Bilson’s new role as a “rare female cardiothoracic surgeon” is a breath of fresh air and a point on the board for women in the battle of the sexes! Although, right away we find that Hart doesn’t fulfill her cardiothoracic dream of practicing in “The Big Apple” due to her condemned bedside manner. If this is supposed to be social commentary on emotional women in the workplace then thumbs down! But, let us continue.

We then follow Dr. Zoe Hart to the deep south in Bluebell, Alabama. In Bluebell a job conveniently awaits Hart as a general practitioner, which she still is not pleased with (clearly she’s not feeling the effects of the current recession). Once we arrive in Bluebell we find Hart having a difficult time as a New York City girl in the land of southern comfort.

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City girl moves to small rural town is a bit cliché, but Hart of Dixie proved comic in regards to geographic stereotypes. Shall we recap? Well, for starters country music was in no short supply during the pilot, until we arrive at the engagement party of Lemon and George Tucker where the Mayor (and ex-NFL player for the Crimson Tide) makes an entrance with accompanying hip-hop music. Moving on. We then have “The Bells” who are the town’s prim and proper (bitches) ladies whose job it is to keep the history and tradition of Bluebell alive…they could’ve been named “The Crackers” and the innuendo couldn’t hit you upside the head any harder.

With the continuing motif of a “pre-destined” future and “big fish in a small pond,” the theme of Hart of Dixie is quite easy to acclimate to and Bilson does a good job of making her character, Zoe Hart likeable. Relatable? Not so much. Unless anyone else have a mother who wishes for them to drop out of medical school because the “fluorescents cause wrinkles.”

“Hart of Dixie” seems to be a great chick flick series that can be added to the list of relaxing shows to watch with the girls on wine night. With Rachel Bilson cast as the big city girl making a difference in a small town Hart of Dixie easily becomes a show that allows you to slip out of your life for an hour of sass, comedy, drama and Zoe Hart’s super cute outfits!

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What do you guys think! I’d love to hear your comments!