by Barbara Ann Kelley,

It took 16 months but Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo population was increased by one big baby boy.

A endangered Indian Rhino, a.k.a. Greater One-Horned Rhino, was born July 13th at the Lowry Park Zoo. There are fewer than 60 of these in captivity and under 3000 in the wild. This rhino birth was the second for the Zoo in two years.

The Indian Rhino is one the largest species of land mammal after the elephant. Calves, when born, will weigh between 75-100 pounds at birth and will nurse throughout their first two years. The mother and calf are doing fine, spending quality time together off the exhibit for privacy and bonding time.

The biggest question is what to name this large baby boy. Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is holding a Facebook naming contest now through August 1st. Go to their Facebook site and register your vote.

The Zoo has preselected 6 Hindi names on their Facebook page, all starting with the letter J, in honor of the Tot’s mom Jamie. Your choices are: Jahi (JA-hi)“dignified”, Jamil (JA-mil) “handsome”,  Janmesh (JAN-mish) “king”,  or Jaskaran (JAS-ka-ran) “good deeds”.

The male calf will receive the name with the most Facebook votes through Monday, August 1.


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