Actor Charlie Sheen joined the Dan Patrick show to talk about his recent pep talk to UCLA baseball and some of the recent headlines he’s made.

Sheen said he’s sober and cleaned up and ready to work again. He said he went to work at Two and a Half Men and no one was there. He said he can’t wait to get back into it.

Dan asked if any PR people got in touch with him during the break. “I heal pretty quickly. But I also unravel pretty quickly,” Sheen said.

Sheen said there is a morality clause in his contract, but he basically doesn’t take it seriously. He also talked frankly about his on-and-off sobriety. He said he didn’t drink for a long time and was bored out of his mind.

He explained why he was at UCLA. He said he donated some money to them a while ago, and they said he could come by any time.  He said he taught himself how to hit lefty as an adult. And he was hitting in front of a bunch of MLB All-Stars who were there.

Sheen told an interesting story about how he helped Todd Zeile hit a home run in Dodgers Stadium. It involved a “magic hand.”

Sheen also weighed in on Albert Pujols. He thinks the Cardinals slugger is well worth $30 million a year.

Sheen said that he has never gone to Yankee Stadium, but he doesn’t want to go back to New York. Dan offered for him to stay at his house, and Charlie took him up.

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  1. Donna Russell says:

    This man is a no talent spoiled brat. the show used to be my favorite, but not because of him but because of the other 2 good actors. He basically get paid to act like the jerk that he truly is, that aint acting. I quit watching the show even before this recent tirade because he is just too nauseating to see. A good actor could pick up that role in a heartbeat, it sure doesnt need him, the other 2 are talented good actors and the writers are excellent. Sheen has himself fooled that he carries the show. NOT.