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From "Looney Tunes"-style cartoons to even jokes about mass executions, Arab public expresses their dislike for militant extremists with humor
Industrial center in southeast Ukraine widely assumed to be pro-Russian rebels' next target, but they won't be welcome there
Demonstrators storm state TV building, temporarily force channel off the air while trying to reach prime minister's residence
The legislature ruled out the foundation for the first vote, believing it would create a "chaotic society"
A commander for the Dawn of Libya group said his forces had been guarding the residential compound since last week, a day after it seized control of the capital
About 40 Filipino troops got away from their outpost after battling Syrian rebels days after they overran a nearby crossing
The attack comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Ukrained to begin talks on a political solution to the crisis
An accidental explosion in a customs building killed a woman and five other people
There's a new twist in the debate over how the U.S. should respond to ISIS: the traditional party lines are starting to disintegrate
Democrats, Republicans divided over whether the U.S. should start attacking extremists in Syria and Iraq without help from allies

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