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Official says at least 9 cases found; "There may be many more, from years back, and some of these children could be 20 years old by now"
At least 71 bodies of migrants were found in an abandoned truck in Austria
Chief meteorologist Craig Setzer of WFOR-TV looks at the latest track for Tropical Storm Erika
In rickety boats or in the backs of trucks, hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing the Middle East and North Africa for Europe
Isis took control of Palmyra in May, sparking fears that the Temple of Baalshamin would suffer the same fate as countless ancient sites at the hands of ISIS. New images reveal it has. Debora Patta has the story.
Pope sent lesbian children's book publisher formulaic blessing; some of her books among those banned by Venice public preschools
Walker's and Rubio's speeches were close to the same time and both in Charleston, South Carolina
On top of massive corruption scandal, President Dilma Rousseff faced with angry rival who controls possibility of impeachment proceedings
"Is this the way for the club to take care of its fans?" woman asks after Barcelona made her buy pricey ticket for 10-month-old
Analysts say North Korea officials may have been dismissed because they misjudged South Korea's strong response to mine blasts

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