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Khaled Meshaal says group won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state unless long-standing demands at heart of Middle East's age-old crisis are met
At least 8 civilians killed as intense fighting between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia rebels keeps Australian, Dutch police at bay
Israelis say they hit Gaza with 3 airstrikes after Hamas fired rocket at Israel; U.N. Security Council calling for immediate truce; Palestinian death toll tops 1,000
The chairman of the House Intellgence Committee warns that cyber attacks could expand the conflict
Locals say Islamic State militants have demolished a half dozen of Mosul's most revered holy places in last week
Hamas blames Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip, as Israel says it won't let Hamas rearm itself; more than 1,000 Palestinian civilians and 43 Israeli soldiers dead
Sicilian, 29, called himself "a flag-bearer of anti-doing" during the race; first Italian in 16 years to win cycling's biggest race
The recent extension of Iranian nuclear talks freed up revenue for Tehran to send to militants in the Gaza strip, the House Intelligence Committee chairman said
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal denounces Israeli "occupiers" to CBS News, adding: "We do not actually fight the Jews because they are Jews per se"
As U.S. officials claim evidence of Russia firing artillery into Ukraine, Ukrainian army attempts to cut off rebel supply lines