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Former defense secretary shares concerns about president's strategy to defeat Islamic militant group
Doctors in flood-ravaged Kashmir warn "cholera and other plagues knocking at our doors"
S. Koreans say man arrested at river near the Demilitarized Zone
In the high-stakes referendum Thursday, everything is political -- even drinking
CBS News speaks with man in Turkey who said he fought with ISIS in Syria, taking advantage of the country's infamously porous border
"They recognized the cardinal, apologized, but went ahead with the robbery anyway," spokesman says
Joint Chiefs chair opens the door for boots on the ground, bucking Obama's declaration of no combat troops
Frank Van Den Bleeken sought euthanasia because he was "suffering unbearably" from his psychiatric condition, lawyer says
Scientists in New Zealand had the rare opportunity to autopsy an intact colossal squid. They were able to determine the animal was female and measure its length of 13.8 feet
Scots are set to cast their ballots over whether the country will leave the U.K., and the vote could be a close one

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