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Police launched international search after critically ill 5-year-old's parents removed him from hospital against doctor's advice
Thousands of Shiite Turkmen in Amirli have been cut off from food and water for nearly two months by ISIS fighters
Despite tough talk decrying Russia's increasing military involvement in Ukraine, European leaders delay hitting Moscow with new penalties
Werner Franz was a 14-year-old cabin boy when the German Zeppelin caught fire and crashed in New Jersey in 1937
King's statement appears aimed at drawing Washington, NATO forces into wider fight against terror group
Collapse sent avalanche of mud and rock down mine shaft, cutting off miners from exit
Ukrainian forces' claim comes amid threat of new sanctions against Russia, artillery attack on Donetsk
Private collector pays big bucks for a 33-year-old slice of cake from 1981 wedding of Diana and Prince Charles
In Futaba, Shuichi Saito has to suit up to protect himself from radiation every time he goes home

What am I seeing?

Some photos really need captions to make sense. These are some of our favorites from the week's news, Aug. 23-29, 2014

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