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Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to L.A. diverted to Aleutian Islands in Alaska due to smoke in cockpit area
NTSB to investigate fatal crash of single-engine passenger plane at Milwaukee's Timmerman Airport
A cat was rescued after surviving inside a boat at least an hour after it sank in an Arizona lake
A historic drought in the western U.S. has severely depleted the water in Lake Mead, uncovering clues to the region's past
Lawyers fighting a class-action lawsuit say they have new proof that the popular tune "Happy Birthday" belongs in the public domain, even though the song's rights currently belong to music publishing company Warner-Chappell
A woman was in for the surprise of her life when she was pulled over for speeding, only to find her high school sweetheart kneeling to propose
Activists marched to protest the killing of Samuel DuBose, who was shot by a University of Cincinnati officer now under arrest
California's Goleta Beach has been closed due to a large oil slick in the nearby ocean
Bones of four of the original English settlers in Jamestown, Va., have been excavated, giving a glimpse into America's beginnings
Tom Brady and the football player's union are now going to court to fight the 4-game suspension for under-inflated footballs that was upheld this week

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