One-Tank Trip to Daytona Beach

August 5, 2012 2:00 AM

Head for Daytona Beach for a day trip packed full of excitement, adventure and relaxation. No matter what type of vacation you seek, Daytona Beach is ready to fulfill your request. Abundant and affordable beach-front hotels, high-energy nightlife and the beautiful sandy shores of the Floridian Atlantic coast await just a tank away.

Getting There

Taking a trip from Tampa to Daytona, venture up I-4 and go right through the heart of Orlando. Try to time this trip when it is not during a morning, lunch or dinner rush hour. I-4 tends to get pretty backed up in Orlando around these times, and you’ll easily add an extra hour to the trip. If traffic does clog your route, stop off in Orlando for a quick bite to eat and then get back on the road. International Drive is home to some of Orlando’s best eats and treats, and the best part is that it is right off I-4. There’s no wandering around and foraging for food; if you get stuck or just want to take a quick halfway break, Orlando’s International Drive is the perfect place to grab a bite. Check out the quick list below for interesting eats just off I-4 in Orlando on your way to Daytona Beach.

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Along The Way

 One Tank Trip to Daytona Beach

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World’s Largest McDonald’s
6875 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL
(407) 351-2185

The world’s largest McDonald’s is a great place for kids to play and everyone to grab a bite in Orlando. You’ll find treats here that are standard to the McDonald’s menu but in addition you will find bonus foods not found at other McDonald’s. With multiple levels of fun, let the kids play and enjoy while you relax with McD’s goodies and free WiFi.

daytona beach One Tank Trip to Daytona Beach

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What To Do
Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach offers plenty of ways to relax and just getaway from it all. If you own a 4×4, drive it out on the beach and jam to your own flavor of tunes without worries. Go for a dip, then jump over to the strip and have your choice of a variety of pleasurable eats ranging from mainstream to the typical beach dive. Shop right in the middle of the Daytona Beach strip at impressive outdoor shopping mall. Pickup the typical beach goer gear: hemp necklaces, board shorts and sun glasses.

daytona international speedway One Tank Trip to Daytona Beach

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Daytona International Speedway
1801 W. International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(800) 748-7467

Richard Petty Driving Experience
(800) 237-3889

Price: from $135

If you love racing, you’ll most definitely want to get behind the wheel of a real NASCAR vehicle courtesy of the Richard Petty Driving Experience. It wouldn’t be a trip to Daytona Beach without it. Located at Daytona International Speedway, you will actually drive a real race car on the real track; just like the racing heroes of city lore. Ride along with a professional driver who will take you up to whatever speeds you are comfortable with. Set aside a bit that vacation money for the ride of a lifetime and memories you’ll never forget.

daytona downtown One Tank Trip to Daytona Beach

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Daytona Downtown
Beach Street
Daytona Beach, FL

For the best outdoor shopping experience, Daytona Downtown has everything the avid shopper requires. Boutiques, food and name brand stores; you will find what you are looking for and more in Daytona downtown. Be sure to check out the street-side vendors: They have the best deals on trinkets and vacation gifts around. Spend an hour or the whole day; the choice is yours. If you like to go in and out of shops and experience a new adventure, Daytona downtown is perfect for you.

daytona diner One Tank Trip to Daytona Beach

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Daytona Diner

292 N. Beach St.
Daytona Beach, FL
(386) 258-8488

Daytona Diner serves great food in a timely manner with top-notch customer service. The prices won’t break your wallet, but the savory food might send you rolling out of the door. It is easy to over indulge at the Daytona Diner due to a great environment, mouth watering aromas and low-priced menu items. For an era-accurate dining experience, the Daytona Diner is a perfect taste of home-cooked food while on the road.

 One Tank Trip to Daytona Beach

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McK’s Tavern
218 S. Beach St
Daytona Beach, FL
(386) 238-3321

Stop in and enjoy a quick drink at local hangout, McK’s Tavern. This rough-and-tumble place is perfect for the biker seeking a beer-and-peanut experience. A no-frills tavern, McK’s brings the biker experience to a whole new level with some of the most environmentally accurate depictions of the Daytona experience. Daytona might be a beach town, but at its heart is wrench-headed motor oil antics. This is not a place to wear a suit and tie; show up unshaven and you’ll fit right in.

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