Guide To Busch Gardens, Tampa

May 5, 2014 8:00 AM

File photo of a Busch Gardens roller coaster. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Busch Gardens, Tampa, is a fun-filled amusement park with rides for all ages. Situated at the corner of Busch Boulevard and 40th Street, Busch Gardens is only eight miles northeast of downtown Tampa. Whether you enjoy roller coasters, wet rides or relaxing cruises down the river, you will find it here. Visitors can enjoy rides, live shows, animal adventures or go on a safari. Busch Gardens is like a combination of a zoo and an amusement park all in one spot.
Busch Gardens, Tampa
10165 N. Malcolm McKinley Drive
Tampa, FL 33612
(888) 800-5447

SheiKra is an exciting roller coaster ride with lots of twists, drops and a splash through the water. There is no bottom to rest your feet on so be wary of this ride if you are afraid of heights. This ride climbs 200 feet into the air and then stops at the top of a 90-degree drop. As the ride goes down the steep drop, the speed of the roller coaster gets up to 70 miles per hour and enters an Immelmann loop. SheiKra then goes on another steep dive into and underground tunnel, followed by the grand finale splashdown. Because this ride is an open-floor ride, there are special restrictions for physically disabled riders. However, Busch Gardens employees are trained to handle and make accommodations for disabled riders.

Congo River Rapids

Congo River Rapids is just what the name implies. Go white water rafting in the safety of Busch Gardens. Riders will be sent twirling down the white waters of this ride with waterfalls, plunges and a water cave. Children as small as 42″ can ride this thrilling ride, but it is recommended that little ones ride in between adults for safety reasons as well as for moral support. Be prepared to get very wet on this ride as it turns around so that all areas of the vehicle get soaked from the white water rapids and drops.


Montu, a roller coaster ride named after an Egyptian god of war, makes seven intense inversions. Between the high climb into the air, the twisting drop, the 60-foot vertical loop, a zero-G roll and an Immelman loop, riders will have the ride of their day. This ride is a big favorite so expect long lines. Do to the intense loops and inversions, riders must be at least 54″ tall to get on this ride.

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Kenya Kanteen

Take a break from all of the fun at Busch Gardens by enjoying a refreshing snack at the Kenya Kanteen. Enjoy a lunch of turkey legs, hot dogs or BBQ pulled pork, along with fries and a drink. If you only want a quick snack, try the funnel cakes, fresh fruit or soft serve treats. For those over 21, the Kenya Kanteen also serves ice cold beer.

Jungala Insider Tour

Sign up for the Jungala Insider Tour and learn how the Jungala habitat was created. The tour also includes a behind-the-scenes visit to see how the Bengal Tigers and Bornean orangutans are cared for. This is a walking tour so please arrive dressed in appropriate clothing for a long walk. There is an additional charge for this tour. Due to the nature of the terrain, wheelchairs cannot be accommodated. Children participating in this event must be at least five years of age.

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