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January 12, 2012 12:00 PM

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Sometimes, biting into some rich, dark, sweet chocolate is all that’s needed to transform your mood and whisk you towards bliss. Our list of the best places to get chocolate in Tampa includes Choxotica, Debbie’s Chocolate Delight and Qachbal’s Chocolatier.

choxotica Best Chocolate In Tampa



3802 Ehrilich Road, Ste 103
Tampa, FL 33624

Choxotica is not your typical chocolate shop. They are obsessive when it comes to the consumption of the confection. For example, they will emphatically tell you not to chew chocolate: better is to place it on your tongue, pressing and swirling it against the roof of your mouth to fully appreciate all the subtle flavors. You can purchase more than 400 different kinds of chocolate bars here. They keep their chocolates in a special “cold room” to ensure they never warm (or cool) too much. However, Choxotica’s specialty are their chocolate drinks, made with ultra-purified water, which they say is better than anything you can buy on the market. Sit in a private room, sipping your concoction in style.

debbieschocolatedelight Best Chocolate In Tampa


Debbie’s Chocolate Delight

2086 West Busch Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33612-7568

With literally thousands of chocolate molds on hand, Debbie’s is sure to be able to provide you with a custom chocolate experience unlike any other. Would you like a custom-molded alligator chocolate bar? No problem. How about a white chocolate slipper shoe to nosh on? Check. In what can be described as an inversion of the first order, how about a chocolate bar depicting a trip to the dentist? Yep, they’ve got it. So come in, indulge your sweet tooth at this chocolate factory fantasy-land.

qachbals Best Chocolate In Tampa


Qachbal’s Chocolatier

615 Channelside Dr
Tampa, FL 33602

Although this shop is relatively small it is packed with chocolate. Sample the fresh-dipped Oreos, pretzels, bananas apples and more. Enjoy the scent of fresh-made fudge (a family recipe handed down from the owner Candy Qachbal’s grandmother).

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