Best Bartending Schools In Tampa Bay

September 24, 2012 6:00 AM

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bartender Best Bartending Schools In Tampa Bay

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There is no shortage of bars in the Tampa Bay area and a decent portion of these establishments tend to expand their operations over time.  When factoring in the steady flow of new guys on the block introduced every year, help behind the proverbial drinking alter is always needed. Knowing all of that, avoid the typical eight-to-five grind and make the same kind of money. Tampa Bay offers two prime bartending schools that cultivate talent to fill the demand.

Tampa Bartending School

3310 W Cypress St, Suite #203
Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 876-1616

At this learning center of sorts, teachers are not just educating you about how to serve drinks. Their true goal is to craft a well-rounded industry professional. The 40-hour program, which can be completed in one-, two- or five-week intervals, will teach lessons in how to be a well-versed mixologist. This entails not only making a wide variety of libations (classic and modern), but also covers things such as the handling of cash and how to serve responsibly. By the time the course is completed, a graduate will earn a certification and be equipped with the knowledge to make at least 125 traditional drinks while also being able to create the latest cocktails and/or shots today’s night owls are craving. The backbone of Tampa Bartending School’s program, which has been instructing candidates for over 30 years, follows the Anheuser Busch “Beertender” training guide along with the Guinness Beer “Perfect Pour” technique. Also, the smaller class sizes enable a more personalized learning experience.

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ABC Bartending School

5440 Mariner St, Suite #201
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 247-7333

Under the blueprint written by hospitality guru Tony Sylvester, his graduates have found rewarding careers (not just jobs) behind the alcoholic tabernacle in bars, hotels, restaurants and country club resorts. The curriculum encompasses important aspects like concocting drinks, catering private parties, handling tips, flipping bottles (“Cocktail” movie style) and giving advice on how to correctly approach a job interview.  One can learn this full spectrum of bartending in just 40 hours. Having six versions of one-, two- or five-week courses (scroll down on the main site page to see the full schedule), this institution can accommodate just about any schedule as long as the candidate is serious about becoming a top-notch pourer of liquid goodness.One final note that can serve as an FYI, a few hiring managers at bars were consulted during the production of this article. And while they encourage people to attend these schools, experience is usually what gets them the job at the more-established watering holes. In other words, don’t get frustrated if you have to start in the “minor” leagues of slinging drinks before you gain acceptance into your arena of choice.

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