Ask A Stylist: Tips For Finding The Perfect Suit

September 24, 2013 8:00 AM

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Tamy Lugo is a well-known fashion stylist in the Tampa Bay area. She is known for her styling techniques on local Tampa news programs as well as national programs such as “Extreme Makeover.” Tamy Lugo also does consultations in the Tampa Bay area for wardrobe questions as well as personal shopping and closet reorganization. Her consultations are available at reasonable prices and other questions can be answered online. Tamy’s website includes fashion blogs that include tips for everyday fashion and how to look your best. Tamy loves helping her clients find the best look for them that will make them look great and feel great. The tips below have also been recommended by Men’s Health Magazine and can be considered a great tool while looking for the best suit.

Tamy Lugo

Always be Stylish

Buyers with smaller budgets shouldn’t have to sacrifice style. Different types of patterns, prints and fabrics are all very popular and can be found in less expensive brands. Some less expensive brands have labels that just read “wool,” but there are many different types of wool so try and stray away from the cheaper materials. Banana Republic is one brand that can be found at a less expensive cost. When matching the suit with a tie and dress shirt, don’t worry about using different prints. Though taboo, prints and stripes sometimes do work well together.

Check the Buttons

More expensive suits have very strong buttons, but as price decreases, so does quality. Some manufacturers may also take a less expensive approach and use plastic buttons. Buttons made of plastic or cheaper materials will break after just a few times of wearing it. Suits in a moderate price range may have buttons made of corozzo. These corozzo buttons are not only stronger for wear and tear, but also look a lot better.

Check for Pockets

Buying a suit with more pockets will help keep the suit from looking like it’s weighed down. A suit with quality pockets will be able to hold necessities such as a wallet, cell phone or anything else that may be needed. While looking at pockets, make sure that they are a good quality and won’t tear at the seam when filled. If you do choose a suit with a lot of pockets, once again, just check for durability.

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Quality of Chest Piece

Depending on price range, the chest piece is either glued or sewn into the suit. While both are sufficient, just check the quality of either type to ensure a long-lasting suit. The type of fabric is also important—camel and horsehair are some of the higher quality and more durable whereas cotton is one of the most common and definitely most affordable. Cotton is not only the most affordable but also easy on the skin and in warmer weather conditions.


Suits that need a lot of alterations usually aren’t the best idea. The cost of the suit as well as the cost of alterations could add up quickly. Buying a suit that may need a few alterations shortly after being purchased would definitely be the best budget saver. When choosing a tailor to do alterations, choose someone reliable and experienced, that way constant tailoring won’t need to be done.

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