Who Had More Picks In 2013? Eli Manning Vs. The Patriots’ Draft

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
  • Time It Took To Amass 7 Picks?
    2 games (so, 2 days)
    April 25-27 (so, 3 days)
  • Impact on team success?
    Current Giants record is 5-9.
    Current record is 10-4.
  • Financial impact of Picks?
    Cost a Seattle car dealership $420,000 (not to mention the financial impact of the Giants missing the playoffs).
    They’re doing just fine.
  • Total Picks in 2013?
    25…so far. Still time in the season.
    7 (not including picks traded away).
  • Impact on 2014 team?
    Much as I hate to say it, the Giants will bounce back, and this lousy record will give them a decent position in the 2014 draft.
    They’ll be fine, as always.
So there you have it. For once – ONCE – Eli Manning ekes out a victory, in spite of his inability to throw to his own receivers, 3-2. Nice job, Eli. You're the worst Manning. -Brian Cullen, CBS Local Sports contributor

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