Who Had More Luck In Europe? Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. The Griswolds

(credit: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
(credit: Warner Bros. Studios/WBShop.com)
  • Face Of The Organization
    It was Blaine Gabbert. Now it’s Chad Henne. I couldn’t pick either out of a lineup.
    Pre-cranky old man, post-butthead Chevy Chase
  • Before Making The Trip To Europe
    Have lost every game so far this year, often in embarrassing fashion.
    Somehow survived the Walley World debacle without so much as a lawsuit. Er. Spoilers, I guess?
  • Once They Got There?
    Got decimated by the 49ers, 42-10, in front of a UK audience which they’ll be playing in front of for the next 3 years. Y’know. Just in case it becomes their new home in the future. Hypothetically.
    Got caught in an endless loop around Big Ben and Parliament.
  • And Then?
    Reportedly, got into a fistfight with a bunch of locals. And lost. Badly.
    Destroyed Stonehenge.
  • And After That?
    Practiced in preparation for...a bye week! A merciful bye week!
    Got to hang out in Paris.
With a PERFECT SCORE of 5-0, the Griswolds win! Meaning the Jaguars STILL haven’t scored a victory this year. Neither against hooligans in the UK, nor against the fictional family of Chevy Chase. Yee-ouch. -Brian Cullen, CBS Local Sports contributor

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