Tale Of The Tape: The Tampa Bay Rays Vs. The Bad News Bears

  • Manager/Coach
    Joe Maddon has the temperment and experience to win a fight in the AL East even with the Rays' bad luck at an all-time high.
    Morris Buttermaker had luck on his side with the daughter of a former girlfriend pitching and a motorcycle punk who just happened to be the best player in the league.
  • The Homefield Advantage
    It's 72 degrees in the Trop all the time - who doesn't love to get out of the Florida heat?
    A dilapidated little-league field with no beer guys to be found? No thanks.
  • The Ace
    In Price we trust. 'Nuff said.
    Amanda Whurlizer had good stuff, but was she a former Cy Young winner? No she wasn't.
Stranger things have happened, but we're always inclined to trust Joe Maddon to right the Rays' ship. He HAS been there, he HAS done that and his unflappable style is the perfect leadership quality required for the job that lay ahead.