RG3’s Knee Vs. The Fiscal Cliff: Which Wintertime Disaster Will Screw Washington Longer?

  • Wait, wait, wait. What happened?!
    According to CBSSports.com, "a direct repair" of the lateral collateral ligament and "a re-do of [Griffin's] previous ACL reconstruction."
    Per Forbes, “[T]he current 10/15/25/28/33/35% individual tax rate brackets [will revert] to the pre-2001 rates of 15/28/31/36/39.6%."
  • I see. In English?
    The most exciting player in the NFL shredded his leg.
    Your taxes are going up something fierce.
  • AUGH! NO! What!? Why?!
    Well, let's be honest. It's the Washington Redskins. They had something like this coming to them sooner or later.
    I don't...know. I don't think anyone knows. It was a bunch of people on both sides fighting and now we have a deal that nobody's really happy with, and everyone's paying more money.
    A lot of people seem to think Mike Shanahan waited a little too long to pull RG3 out of the game.
    A lot of people think that John Boehner waited a little too long to...heh...heh heh..."Boehner."
  • So what are the long term implications?
    Long term? RG3 will be fine. He's expected to make a full recovery.
    Hell if I know. But it sounds like the deficit will reduce, so...it's better?
  • And the short term implications?
    If RG3's recovery is delayed, you're stuck with the respectable - but severely non-thrilling - Kirk Cousins.
    You have less money to drink your face off at Kirk Cousin-led games.
Nobody. Nobody is the winner. Unless you're a fan of the Giants, Eagles or Cowboys. Otherwise everyone’s poor and bored.