New York Jets’ Revolving QB Door: Mark Sanchez Vs. Brady Quinn

(credit: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
(credit: Harry How/Getty Images)
  • Most Embarrassing Moment
    Ran into his own player’s butt and fumbled the football (butt fumble), which was subsequently returned by the rival New England Patriots for a touchdown. He, uh, still hasn’t lived that down.
    Gotta be be that Men's Health Celebrity Fitness photo with water raining down, right?
  • Greatest On-Field NFL Accomplishment?
    Went to back-to-back AFC Championship games. (Note that he lost both of those games because you can only ride a boring, sub-par quarterback so far)
    We…we don’t know.
  • Gross Facial Hair?
    Oh God, yes.
  • Naked Pictures On The Internet?
    Yes. They’re gross and weird and we regret that we’ve seen them or even know of their existence.
    Not to our knowledge. And we don’t really want “Brady Quinn naked pics” in our Google search history, thankyouverymuch. We’ll leave this one a mystery.
  • Frustrates New Yorkers To No End?
    On most days, yes. Even in the off season.
    No, but, give the young man time. He’ll make it happen.
  • Will Be Playing Elsewhere Next Season?
With a score of 5 to 2, the winner is: BRADY QUINN! But let’s be honest. just because Quinn won out this battle, he'll still be bench-warming for Geno Smith.