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Would you rather

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(POLL) Would You Rather Be in Pain or Own the Record?

If you were Tiger Woods, would you rather win 4 more majors, thereby tying Jack Nicklaus… but you’d have to live every day in pain… OR would you rather never win a Major Championship on […]

98.7 The Fan–04/04/2014

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WOULD YOU RATHER: Receive A Scholarship Or Get Paid As A College Athlete?

On Wednesday the Chicago district of the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Northwestern University football players qualify for as employees and can form a union. There is a growing debate around the topic of […]

98.7 The Fan–03/28/2014

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(POLL) Would You Rather: Team Win Tourney or Big Money?

Picture this: You’re in a big money office pool. Would you rather your team win the national championship OR you win the office pool? So is your allegiance to your alma mater the most important […]

98.7 The Fan–03/21/2014

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WOULD YOU RATHER Trade Marty St. Louis Or Darrelle Revis?

If you had to keep just one, who would you rather trade away from Tampa Bay? Lightning captain Martin St. Louis, or Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis? Call the Kirk & Dinger Morning Show now at […]

98.7 The Fan–02/28/2014

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Would You Rather: Olympics Edition

This morning Kirk and Dinger posed their weekly “Would You Rather?” question. Today, it was a bit more open-ended. If __________ was an Olympic sport, my significant other would win the gold medal. Best answer […]

98.7 The Fan–02/21/2014

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Would You Rather: Valentine’s Day Edition

Instead of celebrate Valentine’s Day I’D RATHER…what? What WOULD YOU RATHER do instead of celebrate Valentine’s Day? –Best answer wins the $20 gift certificate to Brewer’s Tasting Room, 4th St N in St. Pete

98.7 The Fan–02/14/2014

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(POLL) Would You Rather – Thanksgiving

We know it’s Tuesday, but how about we do a little Free Beer Friday giveaway???

98.7 The Fan–11/26/2013

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(AUDIO) Would You Rather Keep a Healthy Steven Stamkos or Ben Bishop?

If you could only keep one, would you rather keep a healthy Steven Stamkos or a healthy Ben Bishop? The guys all chose…wait for it…Ben Bishop. I’m the only one who chose to keep Stammer. […]

98.7 The Fan–11/15/2013

Offensive lineman Richie Incognito.  (credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

(AUDIO) Would You Rather Have Richie Incognito as a Teammate Or Jonathan Martin?

Who would you rather have on your team? Richie Incognito or Jonathan Martin? More directly put, are you Team Kirk or Team Dinger? Kirk says he’ll sign Incognito and Dinger says he’ll go with Martin. […]

98.7 The Fan–11/08/2013

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(AUDIO) Would You Rather? Bucs or Bulls or You Die!

Every Friday on the Kirk & Dinger Morning Show at 7:00, we play a cool game. It’s called “Would You Rather” (based on the board game), and we pose a hypothetical sports question. The lucky […]

98.7 The Fan–08/31/2013