Volusia County Jail

File photo of a police car.  (Credit: Comstock/Thinkstock)

Woman Allegedly Attacked Boyfriend In Fight Over Blanket

Police arrested a woman for allegedly attacking her boyfriend during a fight over a blanket.

CBS Tampa–10/20/2014

Booking photo of Rodney Selvin.  (credit: Volusia County Division Of Corrections)

Police: Man Pulls AK-47 On Couple Who Confronted Him For Speeding

Police told WFTV that Rodney Selvin pointed an AK-47 at Phillip and Sharon Wilson when the couple confronted Selvin about speeding in the neighborhood.


File photo of a person carrying a cell phone in their pocket. (Photo by MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/GettyImages)

Police: Man Arrested After 911 ‘Butt-Dial’ Documents Drug Deal

It isn’t unusual for an accidental call to be placed when a person sits down on their phone. And according to a recent report from The Daily, an estimated 40 out of ever 100 911 calls are made by “butt-dialing.” But for Matthew Dollarhide, this accidental call led to a stay in the Volusia County Jail after operators overheard him and two other people discussing drug deals.


Joseph Carrara (credit: Volusia County Sheriff's Office)

Police: Drunk Man Crashes Truck Into Prison He’s Later Held In

Police say a drunk 22-year-old nearly wound up in jail before he was arrested.


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