File photo of a police car.  (Credit: Comstock/Thinkstock)

Man Arrested For Dancing On Cop Car, Claims Vampires Harming Children

A Cape Coral man was arrested for bumping into the back of a police vehicle and then dancing on top of the vehicle’s roof all in an effort to save children from vampires.


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10 Killer Halloween Videos

Who knew Chris Brown, Eminem, Skrillex & Rihanna were so scary?


Photo taken on June 4, 2012 shows an unearthed "vampire" skeleton, in the Black Sea town of Sozopol, Bulgaria. (credit: STRINGER/AFP/GettyImages)

Bust Out The Garlic: 14th Century Remains Of More Than 100 ‘Vampires’ Found

It appears Bulgarians would not have liked “Twilight” in the 14th century as more than 100 “vampires” have been unearthed in the European country.


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A Vampire Murderer

There’s no denying that vampires have trended for a very long time. Vampires are romantic, mystical and, best of all, immortal! But a vampire murderer doesn’t get us excited like the ones we love in […]



Vampire Fan Clubs, Not Cults

Sure we all love vampires, but not as much as the Florida girl accused of murder, who claims to be part vampire, part werewolf. (Full story here) We urge you to express your love for […]


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