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(AUDIO) The Bucs Don’t See Their Future Quarterback On Their Current Roster

One of the things that Justin missed most while being out was his weekly chats with Greg Cosell. Unfortunately, since they last spoke, not much has changed with the Bucs since Justin was gone. One […]


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(AUDIO) More Of The Same For The Buccaneers

While Justin was out, The Buccaneers have basically been put in the same place that they were before Justin left. Today, Mark Cook joined the guys to discuss this team. When pressed by Justin to […]


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Should the Fans Be Booing Lovie Smith?

Bucs fans, we know you’re frustrated, but this is Lovie Smith’s first season as Bucs head coach. The boo birds are out and swarming. As the Bucs walked off the field after their loss on […]


Bucs QB Mike Glennon was benched in favor of Josh McCown – Photo by: Getty Images

(AUDIO) This Could Have Been Mike Glennon’s Worst Pro Game

Greg Cosell of NFL Films joins Fan Interference as he does every week to discuss what he sees from the Buccaneers and why they are where they are. Mike Glennon, someone that Greg is high […]



(WEB-ONLY PODCAST) Rich and Pants Try to Find Out Why the Bucs have Never had a Franchise QB

38 years and counting…. The Bucs have never had a franchise quarterback. It sounds crazy doesn’t it. Well, it’s the sad, painful truth. Check out Rich Herrera and Jeff Pantridge’s take on WHY in this […]


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A Long Sad History of QB’s in Tampa Bay

Pewter smoke has risen above the giant football at One Buc signaling yet another change at QB for the Buccaneers. I would like to ask if I can have the rights to the pewter smoke […]


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(WEB-ONLY PODCAST) Should the Bucs #WasteIt4Winston? Rich Herrera and Jeff Pantridge Discuss

Rich Herrera and Jeff Pantridge pick up the pieces from the latest Bucs debacle in this web-only podcast. Check it out!


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(PODCAST) CSI Tampa Bay -The Bucs Loss to the Browns Crammed Into 4 Minutes

Every Monday Jeff “Pants” Pantridge puts together a little production piece called “CSI Tampa Bay”. It breaks down the latest Tampa Bay Buccaneers “crime scene”. Get all of the … “highlights” in a a nice […]


File photo of the Bucs' new logo (photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Despite Bucs Struggles – Big Picture Can’t Be Ignored.

There are few fan bases in all of sports in the last 3-5 years more frustrated with their team than the fan base of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Losing season after losing season, new coach […]


Quarterback Monday (Photo By Shani Valencia) 12

PHOTOS: Reidel Anthony, Dave Reynolds Join Kirk & Kage For Monday Morning QB!

Thanks again to former Bucs WR Reidel Anthony and Dave Reynolds for joining Kirk & Kage for this morning “Monday Morning Quarterback” session!




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