Florida Reviews Suggestions to Replace Confederate StatueAn African-American woman who founded what's now Bethune-Cookman University is the top public recommendation to replace a Confederate general's statue that represents Florida in the U.S. Capitol.
New Survey: What Florida Man or Woman Deserves a Statue?Florida wants the public to help decide who should get to replace Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith.
Florida Agency That Recruits Jobs May Soon be Slashing ThemFlorida's jobs recruiting agency may soon be laying off nearly a third of its employees and transferring some functions back to state government.
New Murder Trial Ordered for Florida Woman Who Kept SilentA Jupiter woman serving a life sentence for killing her ex-husband will get a new trial after the Florida Supreme Court ruled prosecutors shouldn't have used her silence immediately after the murder as evidence against her.
April Fools! Tallahassee Democrat is Republican for a DayTallahassee Democrat readers are seeing a dramatic change on the newspaper's front page: After 111 years it's now the Tallahassee Republican.
Gov. Scott Signs Rape Kit Testing and Needle Exchange BillsGov. Rick Scott signed bills into law Wednesday to require law enforcement agencies to turn over rape kits for testing within 30 days and to create a needle exchange pilot program for drug users.
Florida Gov. Approves Overhaul of Death Penalty LawFlorida Gov. Rick Scott is swiftly moving ahead with an overhaul of the state's death penalty law. The Florida Legislature last week passed a bill requiring at least 10 out of 12 jurors recommend execution in order for it be carried out. Florida previously required that a majority of jurors recommend death sentences.
Senate Passes Bill Requiring Arrest Before Seizing Property Police would have to arrest someone before seizing their cars, money, homes or other property under a bill passed by the Florida Senate. The Senate unanimously passed the measure Friday. The bill (SB 1044) is designed to prevent abuses of the current law, which doesn't require an arrest before property is seized, but rather law enforcement's belief that it was likely used in a crime.
New Abortion Restrictions Closer to Becoming Law in FloridaA bill putting new restrictions on abortion in Florida, including ending public funds for Planned Parenthood, is a step closer to becoming law. The state House passed the bill on a 74-44 vote Thursday. A similar bill is ready for a floor vote in the Senate.
Florida Public Schools Could Get OK To Use Alternative TestsA Senate panel voted Tuesday for a bill that would give school districts the option of switching from the Florida Standards Assessment to tests such as the SAT and ACT. The bill (SB 1360) now moves to the full Senate but it's unclear if it will pass. The session is scheduled to end March 11.
Another Win for Bill That Would Allow Slots Across FloridaThe legislation would approve a proposed deal with the Seminole Tribe of Florida that would allow the tribe to add craps and roulette at their existing casinos. It would also allow them to hold onto blackjack tables that are the subject of a lawsuit between the tribe and the state.
Florida's 24-hour Abortion Waiting Period to Take EffectThe 1st District Court of Appeal lifted an injunction that blocked the waiting period from taking effect. In its decision, the three-judge panel contended that a circuit judge did not have enough facts or evidence to support blocking the law.

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