Cat Running For President? It's PawsibleLimberbutt McCubbins, a 5-year-old cat from Louisville, Kentucky, is listed by the FEC as one of 478 candidates vying for the presidency.
Jeb Bush Has Optimistic Message, Faces Challenges In '16 BidVowing to win the Republican presidential nomination on his own merits, Jeb Bush launched a White House bid months in the making Monday with a promise to stay true to his beliefs — easier said than done in a bristling primary contest where his conservative credentials will be sharply challenged.
Obama Resumes Campaign Marathon in Florida
Race Between Romney, Obama Still All About Ohio
In Close Race, Obama and Romney Showing Confidence
Romney, Obama Zero In On Ohio, A GOP Must-Win
Tide Shifts to Obama in Most Competitive States
Day of Reflection Done, Campaign On All Over Map
Romney Asks US to 'Turn The Page' On Obama Lifted by a show of Republican unity that once seemed so distant, Mitt Romney plunged into the presidential campaign's final 67 days focused more than ever on jobs and the economy, and depicting President Barack Obama as a well-meaning but inept man who must be replaced.
Romney Targeting Former Obama Supporters At RNCIn a presidential campaign filled with sharp criticism, this may be Mitt Romney's softest sell: persuading people who voted for Democrat Barack Obama and now have some buyer's remorse to back the Republican instead.
Michelle Obama Campaigns For Husband In Florida
Obama to Hispanics On Immigrants: I See My Kids

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