Operation Migration

French ultralight-plane pilot Christian Moullec performs with his trained Barnacle geese and cranes over Bex airfield, during the Switzerland's largest Airshow 01 Sept 2007 in Bex. The French environmentalist raises birds and flies with geese, swans and cranes to make the public sensitive to the protection of the migratory birds.  (Photo credit: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

FAA Says Pilots Can Guide Whooping Cranes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal aviation officials will allow conservationists to lead 10 young whooping cranes to their winter home in Florida using an ultralight aircraft that the cranes apparently think is a mother bird.

CBS Tampa–01/09/2012

HULA LAKES, ISRAEL - NOVEMBER 30:  Migrating gray cranes land on November 30, 2009 around the Hula Lakes in northern Israel.  (Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

Bird Plane Runs Afoul of Federal Regulators

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ten young whooping cranes and the bird-like plane they think is their mother had flown more than halfway to their winter home in Florida when federal regulators stepped in.

CBS Tampa–01/06/2012

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