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(AUDIO) On the Rox: Liam Neeson in A Walk Among the Tombstones

In the latest installment of On the Rox, Roxanne gives us her take on A Walk Among the Tombstones. It’s a gritty suspense-thriller that stars Liam Neeson. You can check out her interview with Liam […]


Photo by: Sabrina Simon

(PODCAST) On the Rox: 5 NFL Teams that May Flounder & 5 New Tinder-Like Apps

Happy to see that a couple of teams that made the list of “Top 5 NFL Teams You Think Are Going to Be Good But Won’t Be Good” are in the Bucs division. Woo-hoo! Hope […]


Photo by: Sabrina Simon

(PODCAST) On the Rox-New Cure for a Hangover & the Key to an Amazing Nap

In today’s edition of On the Rox we find out about a new cure for a hangover that will be hitting drug store aisles soon. And you’ll be surprised to learn about the secret key […]


Photo by: Sabrina Simon

PODCAST: On the Rox-Tuesday Edition

Jon Bon Jovi has been ousted. He’s no longer a part of the group that’s been trying to buy the Buffalo Bills. What’s his next move? And did you hear about the big bust at […]


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PODCAST: On the Rox “Guys’ Eyes”

The “On the Rox” segment got sidetracked (imagine that) when Kirk kicked it off with “Roxanne, do people tell you your eyes are your prettiest feature?” I must tell you that in the past Kirk […]


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Cool Stuff About Kissing

I always knew I liked kissing. Who doesn’t??? But after reading about some of the benefits and science behind it on MSN Living, I’ve decided I’m going to up my smooching time. From a physical […]


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