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Study: Women Entering Pregnancy In Poor Health Less Likely To Breastfeed

More women in the United States are choosing to breastfeed their kids. But new research from the University of Minnesota is shedding some light on the overall health of pregnant women.


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New Statistics Show Gestational Diabetes Cases Increasing

Doctors are now finding that gestational diabetes is more common than they thought.


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Study Finds Obesity Can Have Negative Effect On Young Breast Cancer Patients

A new study says obesity can have a negative effect on young breast cancer patients.

CBS Tampa–05/16/2014

File photo of an ambulance. (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Responders Cut Hole In House Of Man Who Weighs Several Hundred Pounds After Fall

A man who weighs several hundred pounds had to have the back of his home cut open so rescue personnel could get him out after he fell.


An iphone device to calculate body fat. (Photo credit: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Florida Is Fighting Back Against Obesity Rates

Florida health officials are launching a new program aimed at curbing alarming obesity rates in the state.

CBS Tampa–01/20/2014

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Study: Obesity Surgery In Younger Patients Could Reverse Cardiac Problems

Researchers found many pediatric patients had hearts that look like those of middle aged patients. But after weight loss surgery, that changed.


File photo of an obese person. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Study: Discrimination Against Obese Persons Could Cause, Perpetuate Obesity

A new study shows that people who experience discrimination because of their weight are more likely to either become or stay obese.


Photo Credit:  Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Disney Closes ‘Habit Heroes’ Exhibit After Critics Claim It Stigmatizes Obese Children

A new exhibit in Epcot Center at Walt Disney World has been temporarily closed after trial audiences said it stigmatized overweight and obese children as lazy.


Obesity rates continue to rise across several Western countries. (credit: William West/AFP/Getty Images)

‘LipoBank’ Keeps Removed Fat On Ice To Reuse Later

A company in central Florida is now offering a “lipobanking” service that pairs liposuction with grafting procedures

CBS Tampa–10/02/2011


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