Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

File photo of a jail cell. (Photo by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images)

Police: Man Falsely Reports Ex-Girlfriend’s Kidnapping To Keep Her From Moving Out

A local man was arrested after calling 911 to file a false kidnapping report. According to a press release from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the man, Matthew Corp, made the call in an effort to keep his ex-girlfriend from moving out of the apartment they had been sharing.


File photo of a gun. (Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Police: Woman Pointed Gun At Roommate After He Hid Her Vodka

A local woman was arrested after pointing a gun at one of her roommates. She reportedly did so because he hid her vodka from her.


File photo of a Christmas tree. (credit: ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Florida Officer Saves Christmas For Family After Finding Presents On Roadway

John Russo’s seven great grandchildren will have presents under their Christmas tree thanks to an alert Monroe County Sheriff’s Office commander.


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