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MIlky Way

Artists conception of the super-massive black hole discovered in the center of dwarf galaxy M60-UCD1. (Image Credit: NASA, ESA, STScI-PRC14-41a)

NASA Finds ‘Massive’ Black Hole In Tiny Galaxy

The black hole is five times as massive as the one in the center of our Milky Way in a galaxy that is 1/500th the size.


The Milky Way’s Massive Stars The red spots in this illustration show young, massive stellar objects are distributed in four major arms in the Milky Way. The black bulls-eye shows Earth’s location. (Credit: Robert Hurt of the Spitzer Science Center)

Study: Our Galaxy Has Four Arms

The new evidence contradicts earlier findings that there were only two spiral arms in the Milky Way.

CBS Tampa–12/24/2013


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