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Kirk and Dinger

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Weigh In: Winter Olympics VS Summer Olympics

Everyone’s getting involved with the Winter Olympics. Which asks the question, which event do you like better….the Winter or Summer Olympics? Kirk likes the Summer Games better. Dinger of course being the hockey guy is […]

98.7 The Fan–02/12/2014

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Jesse Ventura Joins Kirk & Dinger

Jesse Ventura, star of ‘Off The Grid’ on, joins us on the phone to talk about his newest TV show Plus listen to CAN’T MISS AUDIO as Kirk & Jesse get into a heated […]

98.7 The Fan–02/12/2014

Photo by Sabrina Simon

The Kirk And Dinger Games (Day 1 – Quarters)

It’s official, the Kirk & Dinger Games are here!!!!!!! Every weekday at 7:40 AM, the KDMS will be competing in some form of useless competition and will be tallying up the points until the end […]

98.7 The Fan–02/07/2014


(AUDIO) Kirk and Dinger Cocktail Contest

Think you’ve got what it takes to make the perfect St. Patty’s Day cocktail? If so, Kirk McEwen and Dinger O’Dingman are about to put you to the ultimate challenge. The top three winners will […]

98.7 The Fan–03/08/2013