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Photo by Sabrina Simon

Who Gets In Shape Quicker: ED or KIRK?

The other day, Dinger challenged Kirk and I to get in shape. So we brought in Orangetheory Fitness trainer Troy to get us going! You might even get the chance at free memberships from us! […]

98.7 The Fan–02/27/2014

Photo by Sabrina Simon

Pro Football Player Stephanie McKinney Joins Kirk & Dinger

Our investigative reporters have found the REAL female football pioneer…Stephanie McKinney! She played for the Eastern Kentucky Drillers of the Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL), and is now the team’s Marketing Executive. She joins Kirk […]

98.7 The Fan–02/27/2014

(Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

Kirk & Dinger’s Top 5 Sloppiest Athletes

We present to you our Top 5 all-time Sloppiest Athletes: #5 – Cecil Fielder #4 – David Wells #3 – John Daly #2 – Tony Siragusa #1 – William Perry

98.7 The Fan–02/27/2014

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Rand Luxury)

Cliff Robinson Joins KDMS

Former NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson will be on the next season of CBS’s hit show Survivor, Survivor: Cagayan. He joins the Kirk & Dinger Morning Show!

98.7 The Fan–02/25/2014

Photo by Sabrina Simon

Jen Welter Joins KDMS

Jen Welter is the 1st non-kicker female pro football player! At 5′ 2″ 130 pounds, she plays running back for the Indoor Football League’s Texas Revolution. And she joins the Kirk & Dinger Morning Show!

98.7 The Fan–02/25/2014

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WEIGH-IN: Should NFL Players Be Penalized For Using The “N” Word?

Today on the Weigh-In: Should NFL players be penalized for using the “N” word? Is the NFL sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong? Kirk & Dinger debate!

98.7 The Fan–02/25/2014

Photo by: Sabrina Simon

Kirk & Dinger Games-Root Beer Chugging

Kirk, Dinger, Roxanne, Special Ed & Greg chug root beers for gold. It’s not exactly the most appetizing thing to do early in the morning, but these guys and ladies are competing for “gold” and […]

98.7 The Fan–02/18/2014

By: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Kirk McEwen On NASCAR’s New #3

The 56th Daytona 500 is this Sunday and there are so many different story lines in play as the drivers try to win the big one! There are changes to “The Chase” now where greater […]

98.7 The Fan–02/17/2014

Photo by: Steve Grayson

(AUDIO) Kirk & Dinger: John Witherspoon in the House!

Funny man John Witherspoon (known as one of America’s funniest dads) stopped by the Kirk & Dinger Morning Show on Friday and filled us in on what he’s been up to, who he thinks are […]

98.7 The Fan–02/14/2014

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(AUDIO) Magnus Sits in on the Kirk & Dinger Round Table

Magnus gives his thumbs up or thumbs down with the guys on the following topics: Mo Cheeks was fired after 50 games. Doesn’t a coach deserve a season or two? 40% of Americans use social […]

98.7 The Fan–02/13/2014