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(AUDIO) The Commish Makes His Return To Fan Interference

For the majority of Fan Interference’s run on 98.7 The Fan, Justin Pawlowski has often referred to Jim Lighthall as “his daddy”, due to Jim’s status as the oldest member of the show. However, Justin […]


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(AUDIO) The Commish Dishes On Impending Fatherhood

If you’ve been listening to Fan Interference for the last 9 months, you know that Justin Pawlowski is due to become a father at any moment. In fact, it really hit home for him when […]


Kids talk Father's Day

What Fatherhood Means Through The Eyes Of Five Year Olds

How did your daddy get the job of “Father?” Is it a hard job, or a fun one? Find out what fatherhood looks like through a child’s eyes.


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