willie goldsmith

33-Year-Old Panhandle Man Has Been Arrested 32 Times

Walton County Sheriff’s office says Willie Goldsmith, 33, racked up his 32nd arrest after deputies found drugs in his vehicle during a traffic stop.


Pasco County

Deputies Shoot Port Richey Man After Dispute Over Cats And A Bird

Pasco County sheriff’s office says Frank Rogers, 56, threatened a neighbor with a gun because he feared her cats posed a danger to his pet bird.


FSU mascot killed

Police: Former Florida State Mascot Stabbed To Death In Argument Over Gumbo

Caleb Joshua Halley died after being stabbed by a coworker at a seafood restaurant in Panama City Beach.


florida gun

Deputies: 90-Year-Old Man Pulled Gun On Post Office Employee

A 90-year-old man is accused of threatening a Postal Service employee when he wasn’t satisfied with the service received at a post office near Boca Raton.


pizza argument

Police: Man Arrested For Throwing ‘Hot’ Pizza Slice At Roommate During Argument

Man on felony probation arrested after allegedly throwing a hot slice of pizza at his female roommate.


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Florida Man Calls 911 To Hit On Dispatcher, Brag About Muscles

Police say a Leesburg man made several calls to a female 911 dispatcher and asked if she was single.



Florida Principal Caught With Student In Pot-Filled Car

Krista Morton was found partially undressed in the car after police investigated reports on public sexual activity.


crime florida

Secret Message In Pizza Hut Order Saves Woman, Kids Being Held Hostage

A Florida woman who was being held captive by her boyfriend sent a plea for help along with a pizza order.


Photo Credit: CW44 - WTOG. Jon Harsanje

Akron Pooper: Gets Start In Tampa?💩

Police confirm at least 19 vehicles fell victim to his deplorable deuces


File photo of handcuffs. (Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Teen In Crime Spree: Abusive Family Was Motive For Running

A Kentucky teenager accused of a string of crimes across the South said in a jailhouse interview that he and his girlfriend were trying to escape her abusive family and that he wishes he had bought bus tickets instead of stealing trucks as they moved toward Florida.



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