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Box Office Winners & Losers of 2011

2012 is upon us so it’s time for me to declare my winners and losers at the movies in 2011. Winners Emma Stone No one had a better year than Emma Stone.  She was nominated […]


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Twilight Fatigue

I was so hoping this weekend The Muppets would rise to the occasion and knock Bella and “team so and so” from the top of the box office.  They had positive reviews, that they would […]


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“The Thing” Scary Movie Review

First off I want to put it right out in the open that I’m a big fan of John Carpenter’s work in the late 70’s and early 80’s, especially his version of The Thing from […]


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Forgiving Mel, Forgetting Mel: That is the Question

Last year the whole world was treated to the the hilarious (though disturbing considering the domestic violence issues involved) Mel Gibson audio tapes.  He was definitely an incoherent train wreck and here at the station […]


Killer Elite


Now when I sat down to watch a sneak preview of Killer Elite I didn’t know what kind of Jason Statham movie I was going to get.  Was I going to get the mindless action […]


Ringer Week 1


Alright lets put a couple of things on the table right off the bat.  First off, I’m a huge Sarah Michelle Gellar Fan.  I thought Buffy The Vampire Slayer was way ahead of it’s time […]


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“Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” Review

Last night I got a chance to catch an early screening of the new film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and I came away thinking one thing.  The summer movie season is officially over. […]


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