Crying Inside? Creepy Craze No Joke for Real ClownsThis year's nationwide creepy clown craze has become a nightmare before Halloween for actual, working clowns, who say their bookings at parties and other events have dropped sharply, even after many of the social media-fueled scary clown sightings have turned out to be hoaxes.
It's the 'Clownpocalyse'Remember when clowns used to be funny and everyone wanted one at their birthday parties? Well not anymore. Clown customs are being banned across the United states from California to South Carolina.
Student Arrested for Making Clown Threats Against SchoolA 14-year-old junior high student has been charged for making clown-related threats against a middle school on social media.
Man Cited for Wearing Clown Mask Says He's Not GuiltyPolice have been fielding reports of suspicious clowns across Pennsylvania for weeks, and now one of them is speaking out.
Ohio District Closes Schools After Reported Clown AttackA suburban Cincinnati school district has closed schools after a woman reported being grabbed around the neck by a male dressed as a clown who she said made a threat against students.
Police: Motorcyclists Dressed As Clowns Attack Woman In Parking LotMotorcyclists dressed as clowns are accused of attacking a woman at a gas station.
Best Circus Experiences Near Or Around Tampa BayWith no more than an 1.5-hour drive, your kids will explode with circus fun.

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