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Chris Dingman

By: Richard Wolowicz /Getty Images

Chris Dingman: To Fight or Not To Fight

With the recent injury to Montreal Canadiens forward, George Parros, the debate about fighting in hockey has arisen once again. I think there is still a place for it in the game. Why, you ask? […]

98.7 The Fan–10/08/2013

Photo by Sabrina Simon

Enter Sandman, Exit Rivera

In the days of Tebowing, Kaepernicking, shooting imaginary arrows, staring down home runs, and trash talking, there is a man who went about things in a quiet, unassuming manner, letting his pitching do the talking. […]

98.7 The Fan–09/29/2013

By: Jonathan Daniel /Getty Images

(VIDEO) Why Fighters Fight in Hockey

Check out Brandon Bollig against Tim Jackman from the Chicago Blackhawks at Calgary Flames game on Feb 2, 2013. Two big men exchanging big shots. Bollig is just a regular, fun guy. He just happens […]

98.7 The Fan–09/23/2013

By Bertrand Guay/Getty Images

(AUDIO) Scaryoke – Now Here’s A Little Story…

I got to tell…about two bad rappers you may not know so well. It’s that rappin’ Special Ed & Dinger D. It’s Scaryoke Friday, and we can assure you that you’ve never heard Paul Revere […]

98.7 The Fan–09/13/2013

Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars

Dingman’s Take: Need For Speed

From the time we walk, we want to run. No guy out there would get on his bicycle as a kid and say to himself “I think I want to go slower.” You’d go faster, […]

98.7 The Fan–09/10/2013

By: Jared Wickerham/Getty

Dinger’s Take On What It’s Like To Be Cut

I hear a lot that athletes make millions of dollars, live an easy life and so on. There is about 10% of a team that knows their job is secure, everyone else… On a tryout, […]

98.7 The Fan–09/05/2013

By: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Chris Dingman on Tebow Mania

People give me a hard time that I’m such a Tebow lover, so I sat down and thought about it. What is it about him that’s so polarizing? Why do people either love him or […]

98.7 The Fan–09/05/2013

By AFP/Getty Images

(AUDIO) Dinger’s Survivor Stint

Chris Dingman’s favorite show is Survivor. He’s a super fan! What would it be like if Dinger was a contestant? His competitive nature could work in his favor or…result in his demise. Listen to the […]

98.7 The Fan–08/12/2013

(photo: Stefen Anderson)

(AUDIO) Chris Dingman Breaks Down Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals

Chris Dingman from The Kirk and Dinger Morning Show joined Rich Herrera and guest host Dave LaPoint to break down Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Bruins and Blackhawks. Dinger said this […]

98.7 The Fan–06/19/2013

Photo Courtesy of The Golf Club

Chris Dingman at The Golf Club Tampa, Friday June 14th

Come celebrate U.S. Open weekend at THE GOLF CLUB in Tampa off of Race Track Road (12950 Race Track Road). Chris Dingman will be there competing against anyone who wants to compete at a high-level […]

98.7 The Fan–06/14/2013