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File photo of the Bucs' new logo (photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

(POLL) How Many Games Will the Bucs Win Next Year?

With the hiring of Lovie Smith and Jason Light the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are definitely heading in a new direction. With all of their free-agent acquisitions coupled with their draft things seem to be looking […]


Miami v Florida State

Why the Bucs will be in the Super Bowl in 3 Years

We love to make bold predictions in sports radio right??? Here’s one. That Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be in the Super Bowl in 3 years. Houston, we have a football team. And Houston will be […]



(AUDIO) Around The Bay Covering Bucs and Lightning

With all of the chatter today revolving around Opening Day for the Tampa Bay Rays, we still had some news with the other teams in the bay area. Roy Cummings gave us a quick update […]


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