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(POLL) Out of Bounds National Celebrities and Athletes Alcoholics Tournament

From a field of 8 celebrities and athletes who love their liquor, it’s been wittled down to the final two… Joe Namath vs. David Hasselhoff And the winner is……. DAVID HASSELHOFF!    


(Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

KDMS: Which Celebrity Or Athlete Do You Wish Was Still Alive?

Phillip Seymour Hoffman died at an early age this weekend because of heroin. It’s a shame when young talented people leave us too early before we see their full potential. What actors/athletes that died at […]

98.7 The Fan–02/05/2014


Sports Verdict: Should NASCAR Drivers Be Considered True Athletes?

In the wake of Jimmie Johnson securing his 6th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship, Donovan McNabb expressed his belief that NASCAR drivers are not true athletes. Is he out of line, or is this type of racing in no way a sport?


NCAA Championship Game: Michigan State Spartans v North Carolina Tar Heels

(AUDIO) The Kirk and Dinger Morning Show Talks About the Ugliest Athletes in Sports

You think athletes can get laid whenever they want. It might not be so easy for this bunch. Dinger, Pants and Roxanne and myself talked about some of the ugliest athletes in sports Thursday. We […]

98.7 The Fan–03/07/2013