2014 NFL Draft

(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

(AUDIO) We ask Mark Cook from Pewter Report what the Bucs are thinking on Draft Day

The Draft is finally here!!! What are the Bucs thinking??? Mark Cook from Pewter Report lets us know!!!


Missouri v Texas A&M

(AUDIO) Johnny Manziel’s HC Coach says teams will regret not taking him in the Draft

While filling in for Fan Interference, Marc Ryan and Pants had Johnny Football’s High School Coach, Mark Smith on the show. Among other things Smith said that the teams that pass on Johnny Football will […]


Fan Interference FINAL

Don’t Miss The Fan Interference Draft Party!

The Commish and Jim Lighthall are SUPER excited for their Draft Party at Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday and Friday night! They’ll be breaking down all the picks of the first round, but we all […]



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