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The Kansas City Royals eked out a win over the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 of the World Series. Here are 5 things you missed.
The first college football playoff rankings come out Tuesday so the Top 25 teams around the country are definitely looking to defend their ranking or move up by notching a big win. With that being said, let's take a look at the five most important and must watch college football games this weekend.

Set Your Alarm for Kirk & Kage Mornings

You know the fun begins at 6 A.M. every weekday morning. It’s a sports show that is definitely not FDA approved or approved by any governing body with any sort of sensibilities. But did you […]

(POLL) Where Will Joe Go?

Joe Maddon’s departure from the Rays came out of nowhere. Fans likely felt safe, knowing Joe was under contract through 2015. But he sent shockwaves through Tampa Bay when it was announced that he’d opted […]
We love it when Corey Graves stops by to visit the gang on Kirk & Kage Mornings. Kirk McEwen was out on Friday, taking care of his little guy. (Feel better, Cornbread!) Corey sat in […]
The Dallas Cowboys, at 6-1, once again look like America's Team. Will they continue their run, and do they deserve the title?

(AUDIO) Special Ed’s Special Audio

You never know what Special Ed has in store for us… Every Tuesday, he surprises us with his special audio clips. In case you weren’t listening Tuesday morning at 8:30, here’s what you missed.
Every week Eric Clark checks in with us on Kirk & Kage Mornings to give us the skinny on the teams we’ve each adopted (Kirk-Seminole; Jesse-Riverview; Roxanne-Robinson; Special Ed-Clearwater; Greg-East Lake). He also breaks down […]
Brian Anderson from Sun Sports joined The Booger and Ryan Show to discuss Joe Maddon’s departure from the Rays. Anderson said you have to think that Joe Maddon wondered what kind of money he could […]
We’re as perplexed/saddened/frustrated as you guys! The four of us (Kirk, Jesse, Ed, and me-Roxanne) spend time communicating with one another throughout the day on a group text message, even after work is done for […]

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