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Pictures showing woman using makeup from downed Malaysia Airlines flight posted to Instagram, spark outrage online
App uses optical-character recognition to read menus, compare offerings to international wine database
Congress passes bill that President Obama says he'll sign to allow users to unlock cellphones to use with different carriers
Using a mathematical model, researchers found that people who tell certain types of lies tend to form stronger social bonds
Lyft reached a deal with state regulators to start limited car service with commercial drivers only
Wearable tech that keeps tabs on your shuteye may be a good start in your quest for a better night's rest
A Florida girl's science fair project was hailed as a "breakthrough," but another researcher's claims may put an end to that
JP Aerospace specializes in launching everyday items into space without using a rocket. Its most recent project features Japanese plant art suspended above Earth. KOVR-TV's Anjali Hemphill reports.
Even with 3D capabilities, advanced image recognition, and one year of Amazon Prime free, will customers buy the new Amazon phone?
NASA determined that the 2012 solar storm was at least twice as powerful as any yet recorded, but this time we got lucky