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With marijuana now legal in Colorado, the Denver Police Department is concerned that pot-infused candy will be handed out to kids on Halloween. Now, as KCNC's Brian Maass reports, a local company has developed a test kit to detect the drug in treats.
An unprecedented view of the intricate processes that happen within a cell
In his debut on the social network Friday, Hawking told fans and friends, "Be curious, I know I will forever be"
Rooms, a new iPhone app from Facebook, recalls the nameless, faceless chat rooms of old
A powerful new microscope developed by 2014 Nobel Prize-winning scientist Eric Betzig, Ph.D., creates beautiful, technicolor videos of cells and molecules.

Solar eclipse

The moon's shadow crossed over the sun in a partial solar eclipse this week

Underwater "space" walk

The European Space Agency tests out the Gandolfi space suit
Hints of horse urine and whiffs of rotten eggs, an ESA space probe report describes the unique fragrance of a comet hurtling through space
Native to New Zealand, the tuatara is the only remaining species of a type of reptile that went extinct 60 million years ago
China's Chang'e 5 T1 spacecraft will loop around the moon and back to Earth to test high-speed re-entry technology

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