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Federal health officials are considering releasing millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys to head off two deadly diseases. But thousands of residents are uneasy about the move, signing petitions to stop the test. Molecular biologist Dr. Christie Wilcox, who blogs for Discover magazine, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" fro
The New Yorker magazine recently featured a profile of the Internet Archive, an attempt to preserve the entire web. Nick Thompson, editor of, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" with more on the story.
It's widely believed that the Internet is a permanent record, but web pages aren't necessarily all that durable unless they are deliberately preserved. Now one man is attempting to do that for the entire Internet. David Begnaud reports.
Remarkable time-lapse video displays an array of visually stunning landscapes. Video Courtesy of Dustin Farrell. See more of his work on Vimeo. Follow him on Twitter, and like him on Facebook.
New research finds that the crust of the Earth is rising as the country's ice caps dwindle

Kepler's imagined worlds

The Kepler telescope has discovered planets and stars that are possibly similar to our own. They are so distant that artist renderings of what they might be like are the best illustrations
Numbering perhaps only 200, this rare African cat is hard to spot and prefers to do its prowling after dark
Whale watchers in California's Monterey Bay spotted a rare white dolphin swimming with grey Risso's dolphins.
A California whale watching company spotted the juvenile swimming with a group of gray dolphins
The University of Phoenix Stadium's upgraded lights will use 85 percent less power than standard bulbs

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