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After a journey of 442 million miles, unmanned spacecraft is closing in on Martian orbit
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' space company will develop a powerful new rocket engine in partnership with United Launch Alliance
"It's spooky," a Clearwater, Fla., fisherman said, comparing the toxic algae bloom to "boiled red Georgia clay"
Year-long Senate investigation concludes defense contractors generally fail to report break-ins of their systems
What the updated software promises to do, and how to prepare your devices for download
Google, Audi and a small number of other companies get permits to road-test self-driving vehicles
The new phones will not be available in stores until Friday, but CNET's editors have already tested them out
A debate has sprung up about the device's oversized shape, with some calling it sexist
A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket blasted off boosting a classified satellite into space. The rocket put on a brief but spectacular show as the booster knifed through low clouds and disappeared from view.
If you sync apps and files between your iPhone and Mac, you may want to hold offf on iCloud Drive

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