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A billing glitch involving Bank of America debit cards marked an early hiccup for the mobile payment service launched Monday
Driven by the ongoing drought and the coming winter, bears are encroaching on Reno, Nevada in record numbers.
A look at a revoluationary skateboard that hovers off the ground and could one day protect buildings in an earthquake
The Apple co-founder built the machine in Steve Jobs' garage in 1976
Hump-backed, big-bellied dinosaur looked kind of like Star Wars' Jar Jar Binks
Many industry experts say too few students are learning computer code. Beaver Country Day School in Brookline, Mass., is hoping to change that by incorporating coding into every class. Paula Ebben reports.
Two cosmonauts ventured outside and jettisoned some no-longer-needed components of the International Space Station
New games are more immersive and realistic, but that might not always be a good thing
Scientists gain new understanding of health condition that may have plagued ancient Egyptian royalty
A company in Los Gatos, California has created a real-life hoverboard. The "Hendo" creates a magnetic field so it can float one inch above a metal surface. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports

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