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Scientists in California have captured the elusive anglerfish on film in its natural habitat, 1,900 feet below sea level
A game that encourages players to shoot gay men was taken down after a blizzard of complaints
A technological revolution has reach the Antarctic, where scientists successfully used an underwater sub to gauge the thickness of the sea ice
A group of former Tinder employees are trying to make mobile matchmaking more respectful
No confirmation yet on who exactly shut down the city's website, but Anonymous is taking responsibility
Planned for 2017, Orlando's Skyscraper roller coaster will rise over 500 feet into the air
Prosthetic arms or legs normally cost thousands of dollars, but a UNC student has made a functioning hand at a much more affordable price
A growing number of consumers are opting for phones that cost a third as much as top-of-the-line models, but get the job done - and then some
Russian Soyuz rocket successfully blasted off from Kazakhstan, taking new crew to International Space Station
CBS News talks to U.S., Russian and European Space Agency astronauts about science, medical experiments to be conducted over next several months

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