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Is Good2Go a good idea? App aims to address problem of campus sexual assault but tracks some pretty intimate personal data
A new app is helping some Hong Kong protesters communicate despite the barricades put on their communication devices. The app allows cell phones to communicate within 100 feet of one another. KPIX's Andria Borba reports.
StealthGenie intercepted mobile phone communications without detection; it was targeted at people who suspected their partner of cheating on them
An app aimed at college students tries to make sure there's no confusion when two people consent to sex. The creator, Lee Ann Allman was inspired by her own children's college experiences. KPIX's Joe Vazquez reports.
Some volcanic eruptions can be predicted, but there's no early warning system for the type of eruption that caught hikers by surprise last weekend
An Internet security experiment reveals just how careless people can be about their use of public Wi-Fi hotspots
How much force does it really take to bend the iPhone 6 Plus and other smartphones?
Once the world's fourth-largest lake, the Aral Sea in Central Asia has almost completely dried up
The World Wildlife Fund reports that the diversity of life on Earth is rapidly declining, and the loss is not evenly shared
Some, but not all, of the weather extremes of 2013 may be linked to human-caused climate change, researchers say

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