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Save Tampa Bay Baseball

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It’s unfathomable to think that Tampa Bay may soon be without a major league baseball team, but it’s a VERY real possibility – and one we won’t accept.

Major League Baseball is making demands and so are we!

If you’re a Fan or a local business owner who wants to show your support, sign the petition below and do your part to help keep the Rays where they belong, right here in the Bay area.

Then, we’ll do our part by delivering the message to Major League Baseball: we love our baseball team and we want to keep it right here, where it belongs!

Look for the Fan Event Team to get your Save Tampa Bay Baseball sticker or stop by the Fan studios during business hours.  If you are a business owner who wants to show support with your Save Tampa Bay Baseball window sticker, then send us your business name and mailing address by clicking here, and we’ll send you a decal so you can proudly show your support for big league ball in our community!

Watch video from our Save Tampa Bay Baseball rally at Ferg’s here…

Click the photo below to see more pictures from our Save Tampa Bay Baseball rally at Fergs!

(photo: Stefen Anderson)

Rich Herrera addresses the crowd at Ferg’s (photo: Stefen Anderson)

We’re 98.7 The Fan and we ARE Tampa Bay Sports!


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