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Kids can open the chair’s zippers, crawl inside and suffocate and choke on the foam beads.
The Microhood's front canister can fall from the unit and fail to suppress the fire.
The bare-copper grounding lugs installed with SolarWorld Solar Systems can corrode, resulting in a faulty ground circuit. This poses a risk of shock, electrocution and fire.
The adjustment buckles can release unexpectedly, causing the stored item to fall and injure people nearby.
Consumers could experience an allergic skin reaction after long periods of skin contact.
The side panels on the Franklin & Ben Mason style cribs can separate and create a hazardous gap. This poses a fall hazard and risk of entrapment.
Children's cartoon character water bottle lid can break into sharp pieces, posing a laceration hazard.
Fuel can leak from the Arctic Cat XF 7000 and ZR 7000 snowmobiles' fuel line assembly, posing a fire hazard to riders.
The Whole Room Vortex heater, model VH110, can overheat and cause the units to melt, catch fire and ignite nearby items.
Radio frequency interference can cause the smoke detectors to fail.

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