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The opening between the tray and stroller seat bottom allows an unharnessed child's body to pass through but could trap his head.
The Cottage Retreat II bunk bed's side mattress support rails can break.
A child can strangle if the drawstring in the jacket's hood gets caught on the playground slide, school bus door or elsewhere.
The fabric canopy on the shelters fails to comply with the voluntary flammability standard.
The rivets holding the chin strap to the helmet can fail and cause the helmet to fall off, posing a risk of head injury.
The power cords on the units can overheat, posing burn and fire hazards.
The glass lens on the fixture can break, posing a laceration hazard.
The AC power cord can overheat, posing a potential fire and burn hazard.
Kids can open the chair’s zippers, crawl inside and suffocate and choke on the foam beads.
The Microhood's front canister can fall from the unit and fail to suppress the fire.

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