The Big Game – Welcome to the Pro Football Pick’em Show, where Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts break down the top games of the week and give their predictions on which teams will come out on top. This is the last week of the Pro Football Pick’em Show and we’re bringing back some of our favorite guests to give their picks on the Big Game. How will the ventriloquist, Jets Flight Crew and our sports nut fare against the experts?

Playoff Standings: Joe 8-2 Evan 6-4 Guests 5-3 ( Through Championship Week )
Regular Season Standings: Joe 169-86 Evan 171-84 Guests 148-107

Previous Shows (click to watch):
Championship Week: Confession Edition Divisional Playoffs: Stats Geek Rematch
Wild Card Weekend: Ventriloquist Week 17: Guest Takeover
Week 16 Guest: Circus Sideshow Performer Week 15 Guest: The Magician
Week 14 Guest: Sports Blogger Week 13 Guest: Sports Nut
Week 12 Guest: Super Chef Week 11 Guest: Stats Geek
Week 10 Guest: Mrs. Joe Benigno Week 9 Guest: Naked Cowgirl
Week 8 Guest: Zombies Week 7 Guest: Comedian Week 6 guest: NFL Cheerleaders
Week 5 guest: Professional Boxer Week 4 guest: Belly Dancer
Week 3 guest: 11 year old | Credits

Championship Week / Final Scores
Match Up Joe Evan Nick April May Kimberly Nicole
NY Giants vs. New England NE (24-21) NYG (31-21) NE (34-31) NYG (21-10) NE (48-7) NE (31-28) NYG (21-20)
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